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Hi everyone.
My new website is up and running
take a moment to check it out :)

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Hey all,
So pretty quiet lately on here, but I'm still around.
Some new works of mine have just been accepted into the Arlyn Pillay Gallery, California, for their "Monsters, Pancakes and Pokemon" exhibition. See link
I'm not sure why I was sent the invite to the gallery but I am more than happy to participate. So a new gallery, a new year, I thought I'd throw my hand in at some digital paintings. I still consider the works conceptual but these works will be the start of a new series I'm adding to my body of work.
I have some new paintings as well, and I've got my own small gallery space at a local shop where my work is moving nicely.
Perth to California, Good start to the year.

Hope you are all well.
as always you can find me on...
Instagram art_by_caen
Like me on FaceBook:
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Big thanks to Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Brad Eastman AKA Beastman for coming to talk to my students and sharing their wisdoms.
Great to catch up with these guys. They're doing a massive mural near by, they do some sweet street style art.

Check out their websites
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Hey all.

I've finally made a FaceBook page for my art - like it here :)

So yeah,
You might have thought I'd disappeared from dA. I'm still here, but as I pump up my art production it does take it's time away from being as active online.
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Well I've been rather absent from dA for a number of months now, trying to keep on track with all my watchers but it's getting pretty full on.

I've made very little art lately but have been planning, and well teaching.

My good friend and partner in crime Vincent Powell aka BullyBoy have started a FaceBook page Hero5 and dA account to promote our custom toys and fan related stuff... and we've relaunched our own websites BullyBoy & Caenman.

I'll be slowly moving my fandom stuff like my hero Ducks over to the other account and keeping this one for my highbrow art, so to speak. So feel free to check it all out and my man Vincent, an up and coming graphic designer. If you're watching me for my fan art, dont leave me but do watch me over at Herofive :)

I've missed you all. Hope you are all well and happy
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My Little Isla by Caen-N
My beautiful little Isla Grace.
Baby girl number two, I am so happy - like deep down real happiness.

They are going to keep my occupied for a bit but i will be uploading a few new artworks over the next few weeks.

After a couple of days in hospital with wife and baby I just have so many messages and deviations to go through it's probably too much. I am going to start being a little more selective with my viewing. I am still on dA a lot and will still try to be as active as i can but I do need to be more discriminating with my time.
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Hi all,
I've just had a massive jump in the number of my watchers which is exciting and a big complement - so thank you for checking out my work and I hope you continue to enjoy my stuff.

Can I thank :iconruuruu-chan: for some points! She has a fantastic attitude for dA as a community.

Mature Content

Eclipse Moon by RuuRuu-Chan
Warrior by RuuRuu-Chan In the Mist by RuuRuu-Chan

AND :iconskysofdreams: also for points. She is holding a competition that I think is just wonderful

So yesterday I found a Redback spider in my supply room at work... and caught it in a small bottle (used for glitter). I taped up the lid and was going to take it home to use in an artwork and photograph... only I left work in a rush and left it on someone's desk... Now the spider had crawled up under the lid so one wouldn't see it right away... I only work there once a week and no one answered the phone when i called... Fingers crossed no one opens it up, hey. Oops.

So as I mentioned in my last journal and now that I have even more watchers I am running out of time to view each deviation and journal...
So I have decided to not view pics of your pets and maybe WIPs to, no disrespect just trying to keep up as an active watcher, journals that are about other people journals and such I'm going to skip as well.

Well new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Album is out "Push Away the Sky" check it out!
I've got their concert in the next week or two as well which is always the greatest rockshow going.
(I touched his hand last time)
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So walking students to assembly, girl next to me starts trotting like a horse... "come on sir, be a horse with me" she asks in an almost commanding way
To her friends surprise i oblige her. This makes her happy.
On the way back to class she tries it again...
"Oh no" i state, "not untill you get coconuts so we can have sound effects as well." (Monty Python-esk)
"Oh come on Mr Horsey" she demands.
"No. Not until we have coconut... and it's not Mr Horsey - no - we will use proper My Little Pony names."
To which she could not understand that i would only accept an original name, not adopt a name of a pre-existing MLP.

Thank you to the following for featuring my work lately... Can I just say how much I do appreciate it

:iconmiz-mezzy:   Hitch by miz-mezzy   Quid Pro Quo by miz-mezzy   No - Grumpy Cat by miz-mezzy

:iconlibertades:  :thumb353498735:   Orange Speedpaint by Libertades   WHAT'S SO FUNNY? by Libertades

:iconponygirl4:   Art trade. by PONYGIRL4   Dawn by PONYGIRL4   Noir by PONYGIRL4

Oh dear watchers... umm look i'm watching a lot of people because i "watch for watch" and I am an active watcher.
But it's getting too much so i'm sorry but if you post a picture of your cat i'm not going to look at it... nothing personal. :)

May I recommend some reading to you? World War Z is wonderfully written (OK i'm listening to it on audio book, but this might actually be better as it has a full cast).
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Happy New Year to everyone.
Looking back over 2012 it started out as a massive year with getting to exhibit my work in New York City.
Met some great artists and friends.

Thanks to :iconmanders-amp: for this awesome portrait Gift: Caen-N by Manders-AmP was a gift for being her 10th watcher, she's all over the adoptible thing which is something i am keen to look into in an artistic way, i think it's a great concept.

and thanks to :iconcheshire-maddie: for a feature in her journal :) always appreciated - please check her work out, some cool OC stuff and line art, as well as some awesome pumpkin carving.

So I'm moving workplaces and cleaned out my office... grabbed my sketch books and realized i had not done any drawing all year! I make art but no drawings. I must have done some somewhere preparing some of my paintings but that's it. It's strange to think a practicing artist not using a sketch book.

Nick Cave is coming back to town - always the best gigs.
Oh I even starting playing in a band again. Didn't realize how much i missed that.
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Just gotten back from Melbourne checking out some galleries over there for a possible exhibition.
I have to tell you that I really do love the culture in Melbourne, it seems everyone there is engaged in and open to so much community and arts events. They support each other rather than compete and it was so refreshing to see. The fringe festival was on at the time with some great shows. Bought some very cool art to while I was there.

Currently in a very art making mood and will have a number of works being posted a bit more regularly than usual.

Can I recommend you go see the film Lawless. A solid, good film.

Have a listen to Grinderman - Chain of Flowers

Big thank you to the following people and groups who have featured me in their journals recently :)
:iconblackheresy: :iconshesabromide: :iconstivia: :iconfadwaangela: :iconoilux: :iconlintu47: :iconsoulcollectors:
Peacock's Acquarium by BlackHeresy I Am Under No Disguise by ShesABromide Winter queen by FadwaAngela The Siren's Call.The Siren's Call.
Bright pink lips,
booty shorts,
a bikini top.
She gestures wildly,
beckoning every person
to have a dance with her.
Another drink goes down
and I'm pulled into her dance
where hips thrust wildly
and hands roam everywhere.
Yet when lips meet,
it's hollow and broken
sloppy and careless
no spark or real feelings.
I don't walk away
or even pull apart.
Our limbs mesh together more
and even though it's full of sweat
and nothing more than heat
I cannot bring myself to turn away.
This Siren has captured me,
and for the rest of the night
I'm hers.

I do appreciate the support, a lot.
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Firstly thank you for all the birthday wishes :)
particularly :iconaceofhearts126: for this Happy Birthday Caen-N by Aceofhearts126
freak'n awesome that someone would do that for me.  

I would like to thank :iconsugaree-33: for her generous feature and points :)
Her work is beautiful. Her photography is clean and deliberate with out pretending to be anything that it is not.
She has a great sense of humor to, but you'll only see it if you take your time.

Dedicated by Sugaree-33 A RUSE NOT A ROSE DON'T GET FOOLED by Sugaree-33 WET HOT CHILI PEPPER by Sugaree-33 NO HIDDEN MEANING HERE by Sugaree-33 Tattered by Sugaree-33

My work, well has slowed down again. But a break in my day job is coming up so I will be hitting back with hopefully some higher stuff that my last few. Some more -3D work, and a trip to Melbourne coming up to see what's happening there and maybe even find a venue for an exhibition. Here's hoping.

Thank you to all my watchers, favoriters, and commenters.

thanks to :iconlittlepieceofpie:for tagging me... i just dont do tags... but if you'd like to know all those things just ask :P
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Probably gonna hit 10, 000 views today...
Seems most people journal this mark so I will to.

Thanks for everyone who has Watched and Faved my work, I really enjoy dA.

I'm looking around for a place to hold an exhibition, I live in Perth but I might even trek over to Melbourne if I have to.
Any suggestions for galleries would be appreciated, just comment or note me :)

If you watch cause of my "Ideas" & -3D work I have more of that coming but it takes time the resources aren't always easy to lay hands on. But it is my 'real' art that I get the most out of and will be the stuff I'll be using in my exhibition.

If you watch for my fan art/Duckies. Well that's a lot of fun so it will always be coming out - though I do mostly post those here hoping people will then see my other stuff. But yes I am a fanboy.

If you watch for my Macabre photos... well I have some I could post but I'm not getting the same opportunities as I used to to do the work.

Thanks to :iconthootmosis: for the feature
Does some pretty cool fractals (though not the same one's the super hero quad are after)
:thumb308204611: :thumb311088101: :thumb316747034:

Thanks to :iconartofprincessm:
I won some of her art... I'm pretty excited, I've watched her push her art out there and she works hard to promote herself as an artist and I think she is really worth checking out... and following.
:thumb306646394: :thumb303338148: :thumb283895764:

And Happy Birthday to my little girl :heart:
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Hey Watchers,

Firstly thanks for the well wishes after my car crash crash by Caen-N
My daughter and I are recovering well.
I had some time off with the injuries but not much chance of getting a lot of art done. But we'll see, hopefully get a couple of photo ideas done.

Thanks to :iconmighty-turtle-1: for the feature :)
Doggy and Sesshomaru Christmas 2011 by Mighty-turtle-1 :thumb285683254:  :thumb196818300:
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Hey Watchers,
Hope you are all well.
Unfortunately my dA account isnt functioning properly and I am unable to view all your deviations (art work and journals). So sorry about the general lack of comments and such as of late. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Since my time in NY with exhibiting and such I haven't done much in finishing any new works - but there are a number I'm working on and have a good few planned.

Thanks everyone, take care

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Hey Everyone,

Well I'v just gotten back from New York where I was asked to contribute some art work to the Art Battles gallery.
I had one amazing experience there and met a great crew of artists, and my profile will soon be up on their website.

It would seem the legend of New York City is true.
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So I'm wondering round NYC looking for this place that doesnt exist... so we pull out the phone to goole it and step inside this art gallery to get out of the cold. I'm looking around at all the very street-art style stuff and there is this one work that some others are standing around and disscussing...
I look at it and it is basically my Lightbulb ideas type thing as a painting - and it looked great and really stood out.

the people discussing it turned out to be the owner and two collectors who bought the painting.  I interupted and gave them my card with my Origami Idea on it and well the next thing i know i'm being asked if i would be interested in coming into and making some art there... I mean i was shoked and amazed and at first didnt know what to say... It's not every day that something you only dream about actually happens.

The space is for Art Battles, it's on the West side of Down/Mid town and run by this pretty cool guy.

So New York is turing out to be just such an amazing place, the people are all so nice and easy going, and such a good mix of cultures.

I :heart: NY!
Thankyou :iconchaotic-oasis: thank you so much for the Premium Membership. Please take time to checkan out their work/page.

Two days till I get on the plane to New York! It's gonna be the trip of a life time.
Thanks to everyone that suggested things to do there and of cause if you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to comment :)

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Drinking: Tea... ok Scotch

1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what Pokemon you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal

1. You are a lightbulb wizard. How else could you fit that stuff in there?
2. Silver
3. It was when I was 15 and you came home after I had been hanging out with your brother, we were sitting on the lounges in the front room, you walked in and said "Hi." Or something similarly appropriate. And then walked away (presumably to your room. lol)
4. Drifloon
5. Did Blaire always still your comics?
6. I've only ever known you to have kind words to say to people!
7. I think I am gonna go with lightbulb wizard actually.
8. I'm actually wearing a dress right now. It's red and spotty.
9. Post this in your journal now!!!

thanks :iconelliterate:

And thanks to Wife for the previous journal entries.
two weeks to NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.....your balls are showing ;-)
Hi there. Nice to see ya. :-D
Bumblebee tuna, Bumblebee Tuna!