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Marshall Girl

Trying my hand at a new poster style. Bold outlines and borders, sharp edges and high contrast along with bright colors were my ultimate goal. I still have to think up some text for the poster. If anybody has any suggestions, let me know.

Blue Mechanical Pencil (sketch); Photoshop 6; Painter 8
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WOW! i have more words but to much xx
love your work. xx
jeminabox's avatar
beautiful style! i love it :D
Felina-Cat's avatar
Wow, awesome. I like it how simple it looks at first glance, but at second glance you see it's very detailed with the belt etc. Great job!
Caelkriss's avatar
Hey, thanks! Glad you like it.
Frotu's avatar
I love this picture! The use of the light and shadow is spectacular, and it's a great pose. There's something else, one of those things that is just impossible to put your finger on, that makes this a wonderful piece. Uber good work!
Caelkriss's avatar
thanks a bunch! :D
Zalein's avatar
The background is carefully simple enough to give setting to the picture and yet not draw attention away from the subject. The subject of the picture itself is awesome--there's something very awesome about a person touching their hat like that, and the gun adds even more to that confident and cowboyish effect.
Caelkriss's avatar
Hehe, thanks! Yeah, I wanted the background to be very simple, working almost as a frame around the character. But the character breaks the frame just a bit. :D
Anwar-Nieninqe's avatar
Great! Is it Dr. Quinn? *hihi* :D
Caelkriss's avatar
Haha, no, I don't remember Quinn being a US Marshall. Then again, I would be wrong... :D Thanks a bunch! :glomp:
Anwar-Nieninqe's avatar
No, you´re right! She wasn´t a US Marshall! :D
Minnii's avatar
very beautiful, the light is amazing ;) i always love the way you work the light in your works :)
Caelkriss's avatar
Thank you, it means a lot to me! :D Lighting is very important to me, and I strive to improve in every picture I paint. Your comment is encouraging. :)
Minnii's avatar
thk you! its good to watch your work, and to see that others opinions trully matter, that makes you a much better artist :)
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That's really excellent! Did you work from a photo? It's very impressive! :hug:
Caelkriss's avatar
Thanks so much, Crooty! :glomp: I only used a photo source for the gun. The rest of it was not sourced.
TheMongrel's avatar
Beautiful, i love the lighting & the rich colors.
wilithien's avatar
Wow, this is really cool! I love the lighting in this! Great job! :D
Caelkriss's avatar
Abydell's avatar
:wow: SO Awesome! I Love the effect of the light on the clothes and the hat. Fantastic work! :)
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