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February 28, 2011
The Suggester said: "Simply put, Lady Mordarante by *Caelicorn is absolutely stunning! Wonderful details and softness makes the colours glow in an eerie light!". I totally agree, it's one of most impressive portraits I've seen recently. The light, style and details are just awesome!
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Lady Mordarante

I did this illustration for my dear dear friend Dracs. The character belongs to her, and is an unseelie noble. You can see a larger version and closeups here: [link]

I also upload my cgsociety portfolio first, so that is where all the new stuff will appear ;-)

This is published in Exotique 6, and recently, in the Art of Isis Sousa and friends.

Edit: Wow! Thank you for the DD =^_^= that has inspired me to get my A into G and finish some more stuff to upload for you! I really appreciate it and did not expect it! Such a wonderful surprise and I am very honoured xxoxo!!
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lylythsmusings's avatar
She looks delightfully like Natalie Dormer :)
Sileas's avatar
Oh man, the coloring on this is just amazing!
DarkBlueVelvet's avatar
Love it, is gorgeous!
Jamie-Nicole's avatar
Hello, you have been featured here have a great week!!
Caelicorn's avatar
Thank you very much <3
seasoncall's avatar
This is so amazing! It looks like the Renaissance paintings, so real! I love it!!!
Lulolana's avatar
wow this is a really beautiful piece! I love all the details you into it :heart:
Dinhosaur's avatar
Whoa excellent work man, the rendering and the colours are superb!
Luna-Fantasma's avatar
THIS is a wonderful piece of art, the colours are magnifique and the use of light and shadows make a perfect contrast as beautiful as the contrast between her dark hair and light blue eyes.

I couldnt imagine how long might have taken you to paint something so graceful but you did a great job. I am amazed when I see so pristine and detailed artwork! 
Aplauses! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
ViolaFiore's avatar
Beautiful. Love the colors and details.
SLMRebeiro's avatar
The vibrant, dazzling color makes the portrait pop, but it's her expression, the luminous flesh texture, and your composition that really leave me in awe here--the details are delicately rendered, but the don't take over the picture. This is a woman of sublime confidence and power. The fact that she's gorgeous increases that power--which makes her all the more dangerous; her flared ruff might be a threat display done in lace. Given the shadows skittering across the landscape, even the vivid splashes of color on her person read as displays of exhibits of the fact that she's in complete control of her environment. Superbly, masterfully done. Brava.
Caelicorn's avatar
Thank you, this is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful comments I have ever received. I don't think anyone has thought so much about it! I really appreciate it!
Kgustafso's avatar
This is such a brilliant piece. Excellent! :)
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Beauty , charmed , sensuality and originality ! Good job ![link]
Aiwalabamba's avatar
This is beautiful ! The level of details is stunning !
Jii-en's avatar
lovely details and beautiful use of the colors
wangqr's avatar
dang this is hyper-detailed @_@ i just wish u can upload a larger image file so I can take a closer look at it!
Caelicorn's avatar
Hello! Thank you for your query. The full version is very very large but I send only to publishers etc. You can see a larger version and some closeups here though [link] hope that helps.
wangqr's avatar
A...amazing portfolio @_@ thanks for sharing!!
BramLeegwater's avatar
Great and beautiful piece!:D
Rick-Lilley's avatar
Timani's avatar
This is absolutely wonderful! The colors are beautiful and her expression is so deep! Nice work!

(Someone might have said this, but she reminds me of Natalie Dormer!)
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