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A-ha! You have Floating Head Syndrome!

By Caeledonian
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Humanarian... HUMANARIAN...

I loved this ep. and Minka as Jem?! Perfection. I gotta make more fanart of this episode.
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HazelWillow648Hobbyist Digital Artist
So does Twilight
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SicatiPLHobbyist Digital Artist
Floating head syndrome? Facepalm 
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SugarCookie310Hobbyist General Artist
I used to love Jem xD
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HumanarianHobbyist Digital Artist
That song alone had decided my nickname and the direction of my LPS-fan career.
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pinkiedash84Hobbyist Artist
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Sammy8D257Hobbyist General Artist
Congradulations Russell!
You've offically gone insane!
Now I have that song stuck in my head...
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Pets: Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Your big brother, best friend foreverMusic Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Russell: But I don't have a big brother
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SugarCookie310Hobbyist General Artist
XD, best reference ever. IMO, (In my opinion,) Zoe = Rarity (Because of her personality if she was life Russell, she would be Twilight.)

Sunil = Fluttershy (Because he's scared of everything; well, not everything but a lot of things. I can't decide between Penny and Sunil, actually, so Penny/Sunil = Fluttershy xD)

Pepper = Applejack? (Because.. She's, honest and.... um, I have no idea why I chose that.)

Vinnie = Rainbow Dash (Because Vinnie likes to do tricks and I'm not saying Dash isn't smart, but she learns in a different way (Like in Testing, Testing, 123) and Vinnie, probably does the same because we've never heard him say anything that smart YET.)

Russel = Twilight (Because of his smart attidude and trying to do what's right, and trying to do what Blythe says to do, (In.. I forgot what episode, but it was the episode where Blythe didn't want them to go to the party.) just like Twilight does with Celestia.)

Minka = Pinkie Pie (You can guess why.)
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:music:Russel, please make this song end!
We're a bunch of floating heads!:music:
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fatponymakerHobbyist Artist
the song is a good reminder of my first time growing a afro
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I LOVE the song
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A humanarian, you can be a humanarian! That song is so 80's style.
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KYAokayHobbyist Digital Artist
That title! :XD: I really love that song. :)
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tifzhe299Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't Penny Ling look like Shana?
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Oh yes, she definitely does! Now I gotta make a Minka and the Holograms. XD
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MaggyMssHobbyist General Artist
i love how badass Russel looks on this song.
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*nods* He's got that David Bowie look down!
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MaggyMssHobbyist General Artist
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wolfjam2011Hobbyist General Artist
ha ha ha thats halarius
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I'm glad you think so! :)
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lilwitchemiHobbyist Digital Artist
The floating heads XD
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I heard it was pretty rampant in 80's music videos too. XDD
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