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Hey guys, I'm Dan 'Caeldom' Lim.

Animator, artist, asian, australian, bookworm, brother, christian, dancer, drummer, gamer, games designer, muso, ninja, programmer, traceur, web designer.

I recently graduated from Qantm College Sydney. Thanks for dropping by.

Please check out my more up to date work on my blogfolio

My old artworks can be found at

Where you can find me..

..on Facebook

..on Google+

..on Skype: caeldom

..on LinkedIn

..on Twitter

..on FrameMash

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks, Pop
Favourite style of art: Animation
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: "I believe all friends are equal, but it's those who make a difference that count."

Favourite Visual Artist
Philips 'Terkoiz' Lacanlale, Michael 'Miccool' Sung, Adam Phillips, Rob DenBleyk
Favourite Movies
Jackie Chan, Avatar, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Inception
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
JohnWilliams HansZimmer JamesHorner ImmediateMusic Muse Coldplay TheLivingEnd JBT Maroon5 Queen
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Pokémon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Swift3D, Notepad ++, Paper & Pencil/Pen, Mouse, Laptop
Other Interests
animation, parkour, dance, music, art, design, web, programming, networking, social media, science
Hello world. It seems I haven't updated this in a while. Might as well give a bit of info on myself. I currently study at Qantm College Sydney, doing a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, Majoring in Games Design. Assessments get pretty hectic at times. I don't particularly enjoy group tasks, since working with people ain't always a cup of tea. Some people lack initiative. Some people lack skills. Some people lack communication, the most essential thing you need to survive in the industry. It's a shame. So I guess working in groups has led me to realise I need to step up and take leadership if the group is going to get anywhere. Problem
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Yeah, I'm not new. It's me, Dan. Or s1thsl4y3r, but I would really appreciate it if you erased, removed, pummeled, asploded, crucified, destroyed, disposed, obliterated, ommitted and defenestrated that abhorrent name, then placed the leftover pieces into a box, set the box on fire, before shoving it into a rocket and blasting it straight towards a supermassive black hole in the outer reaches of the universe, never to be seen again. Because the new name is Caeldom. Which has a significant connection to my real name actually, ask me later cos I have no time to explain now, seeing as I have to finish studying for CHEMISTRY UGH. The bright sid
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You better be!
You still alive mate? O:
Thanks for the favs/comments/watch =D
Dude hey! :D I no longer do any serious flash animation so I was just thinking what to do with this DA account. I do Adobe After Effects a little, I make movies with it =D I'm forumming only on And I game a lot, watch a lot of movies continuously etc. etc.

How have you been? :3
Oh really so you've kinda quit? that's a shame :/ Yeah I've been meaning to learn After Effects. What games do you play?

I've been alright, ups and downs so far this year, been studying a lot too, heaps of assignments. I go to a place called Qantm College. But lately I've been getting back into animation.
Yeah but I want to get back into animating again a little more. :] You should totally do After Effects, look what I did with it - [link]
That took 6 hours lolol.

I can't play anything online on my pc since I download games and I JUST finished all the games I had. I'm thinking I really need to play some multi-player so I'm searching for Transformers Dark of the Moon for PS3.

Yeah studies, what a bitch =/ Cool college name though xD It's awesome if you're getting back to animating, you're one of the best. :D