UnseenArtists Feature - Vol. 5 - The Color Red

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Welcome to volume five of my UnseenArtists feature!  The subject of this feature is going to be the color red.  This color, so vibrant, can symbolize many things from sensuality to blood and fire.  It is a color often used in reference to the sun.  It can also be a symbol of any strong emotion.  Red, it is an emotional rather than an intellectual color.  Some of the emotions that are more often than not symbolized by the color red are: excitement, energy, speed, strength, danger, passion and aggression. Here are some features filled with this bright, vibrant color, let’s see what emotions they stir within my faithful readers.

The artists featured in this article are:

:bulletred: Sevastrax  :bulletred: aquapell :bulletred: kerembeyit :bulletred: :devskatendive: :bulletred: NadyaBird :bulletred: sa-cool :bulletred: Jez92 :bulletred: naturelens :bulletred: ScorpionEntity :bulletred: devulorinvex: :bulletred: LuluSeason :bulletred: Aka-Shiro :bulletred: YoshiyukiKatana :bulletred: ming85 :bulletred: Dracuria :bulletred:

Here are there wonderful pieces:

Red by skatendavie :bulletred: Red by kerembeyit :bulletred: The Red... by Sevastrax :bulletred: Red by aquapell :bulletred: Red roses2 by NadyaBird :bulletred: :thumb102904482: :bulletred: Red by Jez92 :bulletred: Red Fox by naturelens :bulletred: Paint it red by ScorpionEntity :bulletred: :thumb169669600: :bulletred: Red Queen by ulorinvex :bulletred: :bulletred: Samurai Green and Red by YoshiyukiKatana :bulletred: Red Horse by ming85 :bulletred:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pieces that have been showcased in this article.  Volume six will be coming out soon! The theme of that article shall be dragons! RAWR.  


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