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Caecus Sporthorse
Is a sporty horse breed from the Caecus Islands
They can be either Blind, Partially Blind or normal.
Blind - Rare. Partial or Semi Blind - Uncommon. Normal - Common.
Although most CSH's are normal and not visually impaired, they can still learn the abilities and travel the the HotH. But they require more spiritual training, whilst the rare and uncommon horses learn the spiritual abilities without as much trouble, but they require a stronger bond with their rider, which is hard to obtain as the horse does not obtain the sight and finds it hard to form a bond with their rider.

Homeland - Caecus Islands
A secluded and exclusive constellation of islands off the north eastern coast of Australia. The islands are self sustaining and vast with many fruits and food sources.

Haven of the Heros
The Haven of the Heros is the Caecus Sporthorse's Spiritual Homeland. It is a spiritual realm that contains all the Caecus Sporthorse's, both after death and before life. The Caecus Sporthorse can learn to use their '6th Sense' (their third eye) to see into the realm and eventually when trained, can travel to the realm.
When the horse and rider enter the realm, the horse meets with the Caecus ruler. After meeting this ruler, it is determined whether the horse is worthy of their 7th Sense. (this is most often yes).

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