Caecus Spiritual Abilities
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Spiritual Abilities
The Strong Aura Sense - Horses can fully manipulate other animals emotions, and will them into actions. They can also alter relationships with the animals.
The Earth Manipulation - Horses obtain the ability to manipulate the earth, they can build walls around them and basically change the earths terrain.
The Water Manipulation - Horses obtain the ability to manipulate water, being able to source water from the ground. These horses have a blue glow effect around their hooves, mane and tail.
The Fire Manipulation - Horses obtain the ability to source and manipulate fire. The horses have a red glow around their mane and tail.

Caecus Abilities
(0pts) Level 0 - Foal
Foals have an amazing relationship with other animals.

(1pts - 25pts) Level 1 - Aura's ( all horses are on this level when they reach 3 yrs)
Every Caecus horse begins with the ability to feel the Aura's of living animals. But they dont feel the Aura's until they reach maturity (3 years). This ability can be leveled up by the horse communicating with other animals/humans. They can discover the animals species, gender and mood without coming into contact with them. (ie. from a distance using their sense)

(26pts - 40pts) Level 2 - Physical Aura's (Ability to Manipulate other animals emotion)
When the horse reaches this level, they have fully learnt how to sense other animals Aura's and now they can softly manipulate them. This means the horse can calm an animal down, or even rile them into anger.

(41pts - 65pts) Level 3 - The Dark Sense
At this level, the horses can begin to sense illness and impending death.

(66pts - 100pts) Level 4 - The Realm
The horses can now feel the pull and sense their spiritual home realm, The Haven of the Heros. The horses can feel the pull of the realm and can begin training to enter the realm. This can be achieved by working with the rider in pure silence and both the horse and rider attempting to will themselves to see the realm in their minds.

(101pts and higher) Level 5 - The Final Decision
When the horse reaches over 100pts, they can then travel to the Haven of the Heros. Here they will meet with the ruler of the haven, a powerful Caecus stallion. With their rider, the horse will choose from a series of powerful 'spiritual' abilities that they will return with to the earth realm.

*Will Be Finalized Soon*
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