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June 28, 2018 UPDATE
Instructions in the .ini  are better now. (easier to understand)
Profile pic shows faster now.
You no longer need to get  API key to get your stats. You can put the name of anyone.
Old skin had 10 measures, this one have 7.
The skin is updated for the first time is downloads, if you want to get new stats, refresh it.
It's looks matches the in-game stats.
Click in the profile pic to open the profile page.
;;Don't know if peppy alows this without API key. Don't remember why I made with that back in the day. If don't please message me.

osu! stats for Rainmeter.
Use mouse scroll to change size.
I tried to copy the in-game stats. You can change the corner image, but I think that keeping Urgot is the best choice ◡‿◡✿
You'll need to get api access
!when change user you'll have to refresh 2 times to image change. :l
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