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Aether Naut: TPM Mascot

This piece is being donated to the Traveling Pony Museum and will be making its debut at Big Apple Ponycon. As the title says, its the TPM mascot, Aether Naut. Inky had requested something with the balloon design, but I couldn't think of a way to actually make the balloon without the piece being gigantic, so I decided incorporate it into the base. I also gave her a compass to go with the navigation/steampunk theme.

Base measures 6 1/2 inches long, pony measures 6 inches tall. She's made of super sculpey and sculpey firm over a wire and foil armature, painted with Liquitex acrylics, and sprayed with matte sealer.
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This is really cool. I love the balloon base.
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You did a amazing job. :)
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You are welcome. :3
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Quite a lot of equipment for a Pony. My first thougt was this must be Cloud chaser or Flitter.
Why goes my thinking now around the idea how to make this compass functional?
Evangelyne-Drivelty's avatar
YES ! STEAM! <3 I love it :3 great job !!!
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Wow, she looks amazing!

I was the one who designed her for TPM ^_^ [link]
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It was great working with her design! I'm glad you like her in 3-D!
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That's an absolutely perfect Aether Naut oh man you made Inky SO HAPPY. You're amazing!
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Thanks so much!!
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There are no words for how amazing this is!

I would have never thought to make the airship as the base but it's perfect!
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I'm so glad you like her! She's going to look even better in person when you see her this Friday.
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I love this one. It has a very nice flow to it. Your lines are excellent and colors are wonderful. There is really nothing i don't like about this one!
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Thank you! I wanted to create a nice showpiece for the TPM. I was actually worried the tail was too big, but all put together it works ok.
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Well, I like big tails on ponies so it's all good :)
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Incredibly beautiful!!!
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that's really cool
treefrog227's avatar
yeah1 i love steampunk related stuff like that!
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