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Daily Practice Day 3: Supergirl

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It was going to be the Sunday pic for the new season but something else is coming out that takes priority. 
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Wow, this is amazing! I love the effect of the buttons flying off. Such a classic pose, it's so iconic!
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Cadhla182 Digital Artist
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Also from experience it isn't hard to rip open a button-down shirt. I've done some Clark Kent cosplays and yes, the shirts died. But it's actually pretty easy!
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Cadhla182 Digital Artist
Heh, I've had enough minimum wage jobs to know how easy those shirts are to rip. But it's fun if you do it right.
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great art for super girl here, I quite liked her rebirth run the cw show having got me interested though my interest in that has whined since session three because I felt they made Kara well kind of a hypocritical b word which wasn't cool. but im still liking the books I even got the pre new 52 series when Kara came back

have you read the mini series super girl being super? I thought that was petty cool,

also I recent found a really awesome xmen fan fiction that I think might be right up your ally but I don't know if fan fiction is really your thing so I wanted to as if it was before linking it here.
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Cadhla182 Digital Artist
I haven't read much of the comics, though I hear Being Super is really good. I love the show, though.

I'm not really a fan fiction person, I just don't find it easy to read on the go.
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Id honestly recommend the rebirth run as it takes a lot of inspiration from the cw show, having super girl work with the deo, inturning for cat grant (keep in mind shes a teenager in the comic maybe 14 to 16 not sure, so shes being de-aged from her new 52 version whom i think was 16 or older at the start, shes more high/ middle school age whatever that means. you yanks and your unnecessary amounts of grades with in school, confuse me) , the danvers (kind a) adopting her though sadly Alex is not present, (though i think there might be a bit of a Alex Easter egg when the book got moved into the DC universe branding and Kara went into space). Which saddens me, as their bond is the best part of the CW show to be honest. And improves in several areas like cutting a great deal of the shows more annoyining cast members  like winn and the half a dozen boring and gernic boy toys they gave kara in the show.

And it even touches on some of the more liberal ideas of the show without being super preachy about them which i feel the show can sometimes get to its own detriment.

The most notable moment that i picked up on without giving anything away in the 3ed and forth trades of the rebirth , Perception within the public eye, Lost trust, ‘fake news’ and even none binary gender identity. And counter narrative. So if you like that stuff you’re in for a treat

Super girl being super is fantastic and you should pick it up as soon as your able. The one minor flaw i find in the thing is that her origin there is pretty much identical to super-mans, in that unlike her normal one where she comes to earth as a pre teen or teen ager years. She comes to earth at I think maybe three or four years old, not sure. But everything else is great they make Kara very earnest and relatable, her adoptive patents are quite quirky as are her friends without being annoying.

And while this isn’t a flaw as such its just kind of something weird. it seems to take place in a slightly strange version of the DC universe, in that super hero’s do exist but aren’t super prominent. Like kind of like minor celebrities on cereal box’s kind of thing and superman only gos public towards the end of the seires.

The pre new 52 run, is interesting though Kara’s costume in the early days of the comic is....problematic.... ive seen tissue paper cover more than her skit. And thats coming from a straight dude so you know it went a little over board though it dose improve. And in the latter volumes it dose run into the inherent issue with making any fictional group within comics and allgory for well anything. In that the levels of miss trust , persecution  either is wildly absurd or is poking a sleeping bear.  

The group in question that gets the (as i like the call it xmen/mutant treatment) was the krptiaon population of the bottled city of kandor that he just always has around. In that they get resized back to normal.  

(this is a next bit is a bit of a joke) And the comics go: hay you know whats a great idea? Lets make the reaction to them an analogy towards the islarmic-phopbea and our belief that present Bush is the worst president ever. And the US is only days away before becoming Nazi’s

(ME reading this in 2017 though to 2019: oh you sweet summer children)  

Comics: What could possible go wrong. (me: Lots...lots, like and just for one. This is about a 100000 people of near superman levels of power and used to tech decades ahead of us and while super man has being nerfed considerable at this time. He along has enough power to take over the entire earth in a mater of days if he wanted to. and while the people of Kandor are not that OP yet, if they wanted to whip out humanity they could very easly. So the idea humanity would antagonise these people to the degree that they do in the comics is silly. Wed more likely get on our hands and knees and go. Please don’t murder us all)

though the comic seems to think humanity can pose any kind of threat
And the latter volumes do run into a few issues in that a lot of shit is happing within the dc universe at this time so of you don’t have contexts the series dose at times feel like its jumping around a bit as Kara and her supporting cast re-act to things like amazons attack, the build up to blackest night, the city of Kandor thing and a few other events. So it can feel a bit disjointed. But the comic dose give one just enough detail to understand the basics of whats going on if you have a base line understanding  

FANFIC: Anyway on to the fan fiction, thats a pity because is realy good. But i understand its just a shame is all but fan fiction isn’t for everyone and your likely more bussy than me so you don’t have the time. Which is a shame as its based on the new xmen /child hoods end era of the xmen. So you have dust, hellion, surge, and all the rest of that cast including Laura but also takes time to delop the some of the mutants that are just cannon fodder in those books, like the ones on the bus that got killed after M day. (though that didn’t happen in this series as is kind of a mash up of the xmen movies up to days of future past and the comics of the new xmen/ child hoods end era. So there is no house of M or M day)

Which makes it a lot easier to fallow (at least in my opinion as i never read house of M or new x men that isn’t included in the child hoods end compliant collection book)

And the wrighter of the series added Laura to the mix before everything gos tits up and has done some interesting things with her. and like most people they just pretend that the weird stuff Laura did between NYX and child hoods end just doesn’t happen. Though NXY itself is referenced, in passing but no reference to her firends from that book just that she...did things in a blink and you’ll miss it moment.   And since i really dislike that book, yay for me And i have to say the stuff the writer dose with icarus makes his actions and trust in a certain insane

reverend make a lot more sense than the comic did. And actually makes him fairly sympatric and why he dose what  he dose understandable.


I just recently finished watching that netflixs she-ra series. I thought it was interesting though not something id watch over and
 over again, but it was fun. The most interesting thing i felt was the relationship between cattra and Adora. Though intrap-a was a lot of fun
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Cadhla182 Digital Artist
I feel similarly about She-Ra, though this last season I thought was very good. Entrapta is easily my favourite character, though, she's great. 
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indeed, I to thought the latest season was a marked improvement. I was quite impressed that they made hordic some what synthetic in that he dose seem to care about Entrapta at least and I also find it intresting that he so often uses the word 'useless or worthless' when degrading his underlings. as its likely what his 'older' brother the orginal hordic said to him when he banished him. so its likely what he thinks of himself or what he says to himself all the time.

indeed I to like Entrapta too I have a soft spot for mad science , though I think I like scopra more, big friendly bug women. weird the show makes you like the villans more than the heros.   
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Cadhla182 Digital Artist
Yes, exactly, I love the villains! Half the time I'm rooting for Catra. 
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Indeed indeed, i find catra fascinating. Both at once synthetic and someone you want to root for but at the same time uttlry ruthless and quite possibly at this stage pants on head crazy      

I hardly ever do this but i was rooting for her to just stay in the red wastes and rule there, she had won. She had everything she could ever want but just that little reminder that shadow wever went for Adora before her. That she will always be 2ed best. its tragic an yet when the planet starts getting swallowed up by the portal her oppression and want for validation eculate to obsured levels and petty much drives her insane.

Also makes her pants crappyingly terrifying
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Mad-Man-with-a-PenHobbyist Writer
Very nice! Love a classic shirt rip/open. 
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Nextgen2015Student Traditional Artist
I... kinda like the buttons flying off.
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