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All Dragons by sandara All Dragons :iconsandara:sandara 3,629 216 TCP Entry 30 Colour: Pg 1 by ruuari TCP Entry 30 Colour: Pg 1 :iconruuari:ruuari 27 17 TP: young giants by Minuiko TP: young giants :iconminuiko:Minuiko 113 16 10.14.11 by Original-Blue 10.14.11 :iconoriginal-blue:Original-Blue 36 12 TP: peachblossom by Minuiko TP: peachblossom :iconminuiko:Minuiko 164 13 PotS Knights by Maseiya PotS Knights :iconmaseiya:Maseiya 546 54
Suspicious Mindelan Activities
Nealan of Queenscove couldn’t bring himself to lay down as he slid under cool sheets. He sat in bed, frowning at the mantle across from him and his wife. Yukimi no Daiomoru, now of Queenscove, was turned away from him, peacefully asleep under the covers. Neal absently scratched his chest as a new suspicion frolicked through his mind. It was turning into one of those nights.
Neal finally settled his head on his pillow and rolled over to embrace his wife. After a few moments, when all seemed settled, he finally broke the silence, “Yuki?”
Yuki turned her head ever so slightly, “Hm?”
“Something’s bothering me.”
“Mm-hmm.” She kept her eyes closed.
“Are you listening to me?”
Neal frowned at the back of her head, “Stop that. Yuki, I’m serious.”
He felt her body let out a deep breath as if she resisted the urge to sigh. Yuki turned her body in his arms so that she was laid on her bac
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Incessant wailing rang throughout the halls of Masbolle's castle. Kel was sure that the only reason why nobody had come in to gripe was because of how disrespectful it would've been. She walked around her infant son's nursery, gently bouncing him in her arms. All she wanted was sleep, any amount of it at this point.
“Come now, Inari.” She attempted to soothe him. “Hush, it's okay.” She had already sung all the lullabies she knew, including the Yamani ones that her two year old daughter, Ilena, had favored at that age. Of course, Ilena had been an incredibly easy baby compared to most. So much so that Neal called her “a rarity among babykind”. She had regular habits, slept on time and throughout the night and hardly ever cried. Her son, on the other hand, was already proving to be drastically different than his sister at only a few months old. This night alone she had already changed his diaper four times, fed him twice and she'd been trying to get hi
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Mindelan Needs a Keeper
“Do you think he’ll be angry?”
Domitan of Masbolle rode loftily towards the gates of Corus among a slow-moving traffic current. Fall had arrived and everybody who wanted to reach their destinations before winter set in decided now might be a good time to start migrating. Beside him, rode
Keladry of Mindelan on her infamous horse, Peachblossom. Riding on Peachblossom’s mane was a band of sparrows, preening themselves as they bided their time. Dom grinned without looking at his female companion. “Meathead? Nah. Not at us really.”
Kel snorted. “Just at the fact we didn’t tell him.”
“He’ll be more upset about that than anything.”
Dom listened to Kel’s sigh. “Don’t worry about it.” He told her kindly, “This is Sir Meathead we’re talking about remember?”
Kel absently scratched a sparrow’s chest, “Exactly. It’s not his anger I’m worried about. He’s ju
:iconkunoichimistress:kunoichimistress 24 16
Blessed Mindelan Part II
For the first time in her life, Keladry of Mindelan did not want the King's Own to come back to Corus. They'd mercifully left Corus not long once the roads cleared up after winter to aid the villages in the North. Other than a little guilt over her relief, Kel didn't feel all that sorry for once. She needed time away from Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle. Of course, it had been a few months now. In fact, they were already well into spring.
Kel remembered all the things Dom had confessed to her during Midwinter. He'd pretended to be picking out a gift for some other fair maiden. But as it turned out, she was that fair maiden. Now, that was one thing she had never considered herself. Years of training had left her well-muscled while hard battle had left her scarred from head to toe. Despite all that, Dom had ultimately confessed that he was... attracted to her. Her. The girl who was once talked about to be built like an ox by her sisters-in-law and mistaken for a male more than
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Be Merry, Mindelan
"Keeeel, have a drink!" Domitan of Masbolle slurred loudly. The Third Company sergeant of the King's Own swung an arm around Keladry of Mindelan. Kel sighed and shook her head. She didn't mind going to Corus' local inns with Dom and the men of the Own, but Dom just got plain silly when he had too much to liquor in him. His speech got sloppy, hair tousled every which way and his cheeks pinker than the finest flowers in spring. Not to mention he got rather playful. Dom was always the type to flirt here and there, but after having too much to drink he got especially flirty.
Kel removed his arm and patted him on the shoulder -- her heart did a little flutter -- then looked at his full cup. "I think you've had too much to drink."
Throwing his hands up into the air spilled some liquor out of his cup. "Nonsense!" He brought his free hand down to tickle Kel's chin, "You need to relax, dove."
"No." She swatted his hand away. "You need to sit down before you make trouble."
Kel look
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Blessed Mindelan
Keladry of Mindelan looked to the sky from her open window. The clouds above were a light, soft grey. Snow drifted to the ground and coated everything in a white blanket. She breathed a sigh and watched it become visible in the cold morning air. Something barked behind her. Kel looked back to find Jump huddled between the pillows and blankets of her now untidy bed. He barked again as if ordering her to be done observing nature and close the window.
Kel chuckled. "Relax. I'm closing it."
Jump was a medium-sized white dog with black spots on his rear, nose and lone intact ear. His tail had obviously been broken twice and he had an axed-shape head. Though he may have been an ugly dog, Jump hadn't left Kel's side since she saved him from a cook armed with a meat cleaver years ago.
She shut the window and beckoned for him to follow. "You'll probably feel better if you get moving."
Hopping off the bed, Jump followed at a trot to the connecting room that housed the sparrows. Over the years th
:iconkunoichimistress:kunoichimistress 30 27
Dancing Mindelan
I'll never understand my sisters, Keladry of Mindelan told herself. I can't even be around them without having to fight off a complete lesson in "damsel-like" court dress. Kel shook her head. After eight long years and a shield to prove it she figured they would have remembered that she was a knight. Not a doll.
Despite Kel's solid build, broad shoulders and tall stature, she didn't feel at all self-conscious in a dress. Why should she? Not only had she worn them all through her page years during supper, but she was a grown woman. Unfortunately, that didn't mean she was used to it anymore. It had been a long time since she wore a proper dress and she just felt somewhat naked without her breeches.
It wasn't that she didn't like dresses or anything; dresses just weren't practical for an active knight. It would be hard to slay centaurs, hurroks and spidrens in a dress. The only thing that made her agree to wearing a dress to the royal ball was just how outnumbered she was. Three of
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Kel and Dom sketch by Maseiya Kel and Dom sketch :iconmaseiya:Maseiya 232 29 TP: weighted lance by Minuiko TP: weighted lance :iconminuiko:Minuiko 101 10 TP: walking armory by Minuiko TP: walking armory :iconminuiko:Minuiko 223 9


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