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Traditional Drawings
Requirements that your commission request must take:  About CommissionsGeneral (Digital and Traditional)
For your commission, I will need you to fill the following things.
Eye StyleCharacterGenderColor (TRADITIONAL ONLY)Delineating (TRADITIONAL ONLY)Extra or specific things

1.- Eye Style / Type of Eyes
First, I manage the following 3 types of eye styles. When you send me your commission, you will need to put which type of eye style do you want your character to have. 
Those eyes styles are the following:

#1 is Normal
#2 is Expressive
#3 is Simple. Usually, this one is used for examples, icons or things like those, but also can work as a general drawing like the following exampleWARNING:
#2 and #3 works for EVERY TYPE of character. 
#1 works for Object OC's / Objects ONLY

-Without color/Only lines - 10 points

-With color and delineated with black or darker tones - 20 points

I can cover characters like Objects, Anthros, and Ferals.
One thing that I still don't manage well is Humans, then, for now, please avoid to ask me to draw human characters.

If you have another type of character that doesn't enter on those categories, by a comment on my profile, or preferably, by a note, show me your character and I'll tell you if I can do it or not.

If you want it without color, you can send me the points or by my Donation Pool or by the Give option


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CadenFeather's Profile Picture
One of my favorite characters c:
(Credits to whoever did this)

Match icons! c:

Both icons were done by K1NG-KR3B

Mexican Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design (Well, almost expert. Actually, for now, my level is Advanced)

My birthday badge

Hi, I'm Phoenix-Feather-OC/currently as CadenFeather and originally first known as Cadencita Cp. You can call me by those nicknames or by my real name, Magdalena.
I'm currently studying the career of Tourism, drawing is one of my favorite hobbies.

As you can see, I'm from Mexico, and also, because of this, my native language is Spanish. I'm currently still learning English

My current level of it is between B1 and B2. But, even when it's certainly advanced, sometimes I have mistakes on writing or during streams or talks I pronounce wrong some words ^^; every correction about them is welcome and well-received c: (as long as you do them in a respectful way/not being rude or offensive)

Another thing I want to tell is that I'm somebody very respectful and quiet. I really love meeting new people (although sometimes I can take some time on reply on talks ^^;) still, I procure to pay attention to the conversation

I can look or act kinda serious, but don't fear at talking to me ^^ I only can be in bad mood and defensive if you disrespect me or you start to be offensive towards me (as the left stamp from my profile says). Or if I don't feel very good, I'll procure to make you know when I don't want to talk and when I feel better/in the mood of talking with you

That's all that I can say about me. Feel welcome ^^

Old Account (dead): :iconcadencita:
Other Account (dead too): :iconcadencita-oscura:

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Close Friends

:icontorrestuff: :iconbaph0: :iconroseflower1994: :iconolandita: :icontoksstar: :iconmari-merp:

Friends and at the same time inspirations

:iconobjectshavingfun: :iconkyflpa: :iconvicsofi: :iconascerious: :icongabby0004: :iconstorzthebfdifan:

If I forgot you here, you can send me a note or by a comment telling me. Sometimes I can be pretty forgetful e.e


It's real, guys

And as I see, tomorrow they'll release a trailer

embedded_item1553198640494 by CadenFeather
What the...??

Is Dora The Explorer really going to have a movie?!

embedded_item1553180200650 by CadenFeather
Why big part of my classmates are being friendlier towards me than the previous 5 semesters??

Not all of them were rude or sth like that and during the previous semester I changed a bit, but still...

embedded_item1553007789072 by CadenFeather

Does someone have an idea about what could be a simple craft to make a trap for elves? (I'll search on Internet but... also would be interesting to read a few suggestions from you)

The teacher of the sabbatical English courses, today asked us to bring with us this Saturday material to do an elf trap, as a way to celebrate St. Patricks Day.

I know a bit and I'm aware of this holiday, but... I've never celebrated it before in any way or at least done something about it e.e this is kinda new for me, but also sounds funny
Nice... now I almost break my glasses by stepping on them.-.

At least I still can use them. The crystals weren't affected... the only thing is that they are slightly crooked now...



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