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Kagura hair buns+tutorial

My first tutorial, so it's not the best. I actually plan on making another with pictures and better details as this one is kinda crappy and filled with typos. In fact, here are some things I forgot to mention when I made it:
- for the scrap fabric, I like to use broadcloth. It's cheap and easy to work with for this.
- you also need regular white craft glue

And here are some pictures that I have to help you out if you get stuck. The number corresponds to it's instruction number:
See where to attach?

Please tell me if this tutorial works for you!
I decided to make this tutorial because in my opinion, I think that the buns are the hardest part of a Kagura cosplay. I tried several different methods until I found this one. Surprisingly enough, between all the paint and glaze, the styrofoam actually becomes pretty hard.
Pictures from people who used this tutorial:
:iconakeyuri: [link]
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Nice tutorial, but I have a big problem, I hope you can help me ;__;
I will cosplay Kagura next Saturday, and I'm having a big problem with the buns. 
Instead of a wig, I can use my real hair for this. This means, I have two ponytails, which I need to hide under the buns. I already made the two buns, but not with this method. I used two half plastic balls. So I have space to hide my ponytails under that, but I have a problem with locking the buns in place, because there's no place under that, where I can glue a bobby pin. I have just the balls edges, which are very thin. What do you suggest, what can I do with that? ;_;
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I'm actually about as stuck as you are. Here's my suggestion: I would say to get some craft foam. Trace the half ball onto the foam and cut it out, then cut out most of the middle so that you're left with an O-shape. Glue that to the edge of the ball and use that to attach your bobby pins to. Sorry if that doesn't work- it's all I've got :/
Good luck with your cosplay though!
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Ah thank you so much! This is actually a very good idea. :)
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wow thanks for posting this! :)
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You're welcome!
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I used your tutorial for my kagura hairbuns! Thank you sooo much! They are so efficient because I can take them off from my wig, and they stay in place so well. :hug:

My Gintama cosplay group was really impressed with the hairbuns when I showed them. :heart: So, thank you so much! I'm going to give you a shout-out in my Gintama cosplay photos!
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You're welcome! That's wonderful- it's great to know that my tutorial is helping people out :D. Do you think you could link me some pictures when you get them up?
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You saved me from having ta buy an obscenely expensive pair or making some that shouldn't be seen by the general public!

This is a huge help, thanks for posting it! :iconexcitedkaguraplz:
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you're quite welcome! Please let me know how this works out for you~
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LINK FAIL. :icononionfailplz:

Sorry, here's the real link: [link]
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no worries XD
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Hey you! Yes, you!

I just wanted to tell you that I used your tutorial and they came out absolutely fabulous! The link is right here: [link]

Thanks again for posting this! :iconarigatouplz:
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Thanks for letting me know! I'm so happy to see that they turned out well and for pointing out some little flaws in the tutorial. Knowing that, I'll probably edit the tutorial for future use!
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You're an absolute lifesaver, thanks a lot - I've been utterly beat as to how to make these, so this has been a great help.
One more question though, if it's okay.
How do you think you could attach the bun covers onto the hair/wig?
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You're welcome, I'm happy that this tutorial could help you and please let me know how it works out. Like the tutorial says, glue some bobby pins on and they should slide right into the woven part of the wig and stay there.
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Ah yes, I see now. Sorry, I wasn't sure as to what kind of bobby pins you meant, but I understand fully now. Thanks again for your help, and I should have them finished alongside the rest of my Kagura cosplay within the next couple of months. If I remember, I'll let you know how they turn out in the end :)
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This is so much help. I've been panicking because I have no idea how to make these, with only a few days left to finish my cosplay, so finding this is a lifesaver.
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You're welcome! How is the rest of your cosplaying going? I'm thinking of putting up a guide/cheat sheet for Kagura since she can be so difficult. And please let me know how this works out for you~
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This reply is incredibly late. DX Sorry about that. The rest of the costume went fairly well, although there are some parts I wasn't completely satisfied with, so I'll probably remake it sooner or later. The hair buns turned out great though.
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No worries. I'm a huge procrastinator myself. Now I think I'll put up a guide-type thingy to help other Kagura cosplayers since I think mine turned out pretty good. Great to hear about the buns though- do you have pictures?
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Win tutorial. lol Not sure when I will apply it, but now I know an easy way to get pins on my accessories. I tend to forget hot glue exists and come back to it like "I LOVE YOU" every time. XD
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Thank you. It was pretty easy to do once I figured things out. lol, I don't know where I would be without hot glue.
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I am so grateful to you!! TAT
I've been searching for a tutorial on how to make Kagura's buns for so long....OTZ
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