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Zombie Combo teatime (figurine)

"Look what I made! But now it's all tangled. Your hair is so stupid, Kakuzu. Just like you.. Are you sleeping?"

Poor old Kakuzu will need a hundred years to comb out all the knots but that's ok because he's immortal so HE HAS TIME :’)

Animated turnaround here:
You might like my other figures of them too, check my gallery!

ARE YOU ALREADY TIRED OF SEEING THESE TWO, KIDS?! I HOPE NOT! A trade with the super lovely and mega skilled fjorgael (check her out ;D). She left me a lot of room to just do whatever but she had a few really neat ideas and sketches so this was a huge amount of fun. Didn't sculpt a smiling Hidan and a long-and-wild-haired Kakuzu yet so that was exciting, too.

For this I picked a comfy pose with Kakuzu napping a little because he's OLD and Hidan is rambling about things and playing with his hair. I like sculpting them in scenes that could be canon and this might be a little teeny tiny weeny bit too cuddly for them but to me it's right on the edge ;D

Originally I wanted Kaku and Hidan to cuddle up under the Akatsuki coat but Hidan is just too damn casual and decided to move around =P It still kinda works to make them look more like a unit (and it saved my from sculpting Kakuz’s back which usually takes me seventy kajillion years to do). Two characters touching are always really hard to sculpt but at the same time they're often the most interesting poses. The difficult part here were their sizes because Hidan is smaller than Kaku but not THAT much smaller so I was fighting with that a bit. Now they're roughly the same size but Hidan's shoulders and arms are a bit slimmer.
They're sitting on an... engawa? A Japanese porch pretty much. The word on the lamp
means peace or harmony but really I just needed a short word to put there and this one wasn't too hard to paint *cough*

Kinda weird that Hidan was polite enough to take his shoes off! Prolly just an accident =P

Taking photos of my figurines is a nightmare you can only escape through death and even then I can't guarantee it
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Wow, you must know these characters really well to make up such a detailed scenario for them. Where are they from? I'm not faliniar. Their interaction is also really well done!
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That's a wonderful compliment, thank you so much!
They are from a manga/anime called "Naruto" which used to be extremely popular when i was 13ish haha :D So the show isn't exactly good but the characters just clawed themselves into my little heart.
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Oooh I should have guessed! The name is very familiar. I never had cable growing up so I could never watch all the cool shows. But I had tons of Disney movies so that made up for it! And wow I just saw the other one of those two that you made and yeah, the zombie guy's back is pretty detailed! ...and freaky O.o
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Naruto really doesn't compare to Disney movies, those are all so gorgeous :heart: And timeless too, you could still show them to kids today and they would love them.

Thank you (i sculpted these two way too often haha). Oh yes, especially the masks are a ridiculous amount of work! I kinda have a heart for characters with "ugly" designs which is why i like him, because i think we can both agree that there's prettier things than weird faces on someone's back :')
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Yeah, I've never really had the patience to keep up with a whole TV series either. Even now! Disney movies are over and done in maybe two hours and then you get the whole story. None of these cliffhangers where you have to wait until next week to find out what happens! And yeah there's definitely something to be said about ugly characters. People really like the underdog, and they can get a lot of sympathy for sure. I am glad that someone can appreciate them!
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That is so true! It might be possible for a relatively short series that just ran for one season but everything longer is often too much for me. And when i tell you that Naruto has 500 episodes you might know why i stopped following this series :giggle: It's just impossible! It doesn't help a story either, sometimes less is more. And a disney movie has SO MUCH going on in such a short span of time, it's really amazing. Writing like this is an artform in itself.

Glad you see it this way. A lot of people seem to be a little bit afraid of making a character ugly because they feel the audience won't care for them but i think the most interesting scenes come from contrast and if everyone is beautiful and perfect there's none of that!
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Yikes, really? That's crazy. I can imagine it would be so hard keep up with. And with the internet these days any TV show with a huge following there's always someone who knows more about it than you do, and has different opinions, and yeesh people can get downright mean if you think something else or have a different opinion on how the characters 'should' interact. I am really glad that other's opinions don't get in the way of you doing what you want to do!

The creative process at Disney would be so amazing to watch! They have such brilliant people working there and they put so much care into their movies. Just recently I watched a behind the scenes of Zootopia, and it was really interesting how they went through lots of different versions of the film until they got it just right. If you haven't watched that movie I really recommend it! Here's the link the the documentary, if you are interested:…  
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Yea, nothing bothers me more than people getting angry or agressive about a tv show etc! This stuff should be fun and enjoyable it's not a competition about who's the biggest fan. But i guess that's how humans are sometimes :/ If someone interprets a character i like in a way i dont like then i just look at something else, i don't get how someone can get defensive about this stuff. It's all fun and fiction!

Thank you, im absolutely going to watch it when i find the time. A friend of mine owns the artbook for zootopia and those things are always super fun to look at too (but so pricey..)!
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