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Jeff [bust]

Character  Jeff Johansen
I spent my time in quarantine to un-learn how to photograph figures! We’re all doing our part.
So this gentleman is called Jeff and he’s from Dead by Daylight and that is roughly where my knowledge ends! But it was another commission for @deerdaddy13​ again because he’s a wonderful commissioner who let’s me sculpt many pretty pals and gals.
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nick666100's avatar

Yet again another amazing craft x)

really good job there :D

CadaverCrafts's avatar

Thank you so much! I hope i can do something for you this summer too :D

nick666100's avatar

really hope so aswell :D

Alistu's avatar

Well you know more than I do about the character. ;P

Lovely details as always.

CadaverCrafts's avatar

I did my research by skipping over the fanwiki page x) Thank you!