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E-Girl [doll]

Now for a true e-girl! I saw this tv head doll by AthenaNuu and thought yea i have to make a pc head one now. That’s pretty much where my thought process stopped because i had no idea what to do for her outfit and just kinda... made it up as i went along. It’s a Shopkins Shoppies body i wanted to use for a while because the exaggerated proportions are so fun. Since her head is a kinda old school desktop (including plastic yellowing stains) i wanted her outfit to be a bit oldschool futuristic. Think Jetsons! I feel like her design would’ve profited from me thinking about it longer than 0.2 seconds but here she is now so who cares. There’s a little slit at the top that let’s me slide in different faces for her which is so fun for posing :D
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Woah! This is awesome

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I love the little detail of a mouse for her necklace.

Is her skirt made out of the clear version of the material you sent me some scraps of?

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Thank you! Yes thats exactly it, the skirt and the shiny "screen" over her face.