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Dr Habit [figurine]


: - )
Dr Boris Habit with his little puppet friend and a completly innocuous pair of pliers. Unrelated ketchup stains on labcoat.

He is from the fairly new game “Smile for me” and the art style just BANGS. I knew Yugo Limbo’s arts (@yugsly) from a short film before and i just think the style is such a joy to look at so i tried capturing that in my figure as well as i could. Some things were a little harder to translate to a clay sculpture like those outlines but i think i found a good compromise c:
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Bruh this sculpt is incredible! I... I want one.
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Fantastic!! I love the style. The outlining looks so great.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Thank you so much! That was a nightmare, i'm kinda horrible at painting thin and accurate lines :')
TrevorGrove's avatar
You did a beautiful job. I always have to paint the surrounding area around the line to make it straighter....straight bold lines just aint easy!
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Haha that's exactly what i did too. If i go over a line 60 times it's gonna be about right. Thank you very much!
TrevorGrove's avatar
Yeah, i can't imagine being able to do it well without cleaning up the line on a 3D piece. It's tough! I love seeing the bold lines on a sculpture, it really feels like a cartoon come to life.
MnstrMthd's avatar

this is so heckin' good???

i wish i could have this little man on my desk to watch over me

CadaverCrafts's avatar
Thank you so much! That makes me really happy c:
BecsDoodles's avatar

Mad props, my friend! I love how you kept the 2D feel in 3D!

CadaverCrafts's avatar
Thank you so much, that was the hardest part so im glad it turned out ok! :D
BecsDoodles's avatar
You’re very welcome 😊
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Another wonderful sculpt.
It can be tricky to know where to put certain black "outlines" when you change a character from 2D to 3D but I think you've done a fantastic job.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Thanks a lot! I think you're actually really good at doing this, turning a stylized drawing into a sculpture and all of that. It's really a completly different new challenge compared to normal sculptures
Alistu's avatar
It can be especially challenging when a character is NEVER seen from a particular angle. You just have to take your best guess and make it up. Or how thier dimensions can even change from angle to angle a bit like how Mickey Mouse's ears move location on his head to always face the viewer.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Haha oh gosh yea thats true. The character i sculpted here is only ever seen from the front as a flat image so it was like... what does his profile look like?? What does he look like from the back???? Which is why it's so great when a cartoon character has some kinda official reference sheet :')
Alistu's avatar
Reference sheets are always super useful.
SRabbitWork's avatar
This style translates so lovely as your sculpt! ✨💖
vaporvvaves's avatar

THIS is SO freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You captured the style so well <: - )
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Aw thank you very much <3
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Stare [Supernatural] Phenomenal work!  Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! Thumbs Up SPN 
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Omg this is amazing!! You replicated Yugo's art style impeccably, this legit looks like how I'd imagine him if the game used 3D models rather than the "sprite on a rotating single polygon" approach. :thumbsup::D
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