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2020 compilation of my stuff

compilation of 2019 --->…

Now that's what I call a year! I didn't get anything done at all and the world collapsed, cool. I can't exclusively blame corona for me not being very productive figurine wise tho, I fixed a lot of things around my house and was way more active in animal rescue than any previous year. That stuff eats time and money.... BUT I also sculpted some of my favourite things so far. As I say every year: I'm sure next year I'll do more commissions for sure totally. For real tho! This time I mean it!
And as I say every year (but this one is really true), thank you all so much for the feedback, the patience, just the whole interaction and the support from everyone.

It was a tough year alright, but don't give up. Stay sensible and safe, use your brain. Big smoocheroo from me to you <3
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I am so pleased that I managed to do a sculpture trade with you this year!

And despite what you may feel, you are much more productive with making models than I am.

I set out to create one finished sculpture a month this year, and while I have managed that, I did feel as though I was pressuring myself a lot of the time.

Were it not for a Christmas commission I received, I wouldn't have hit my goal as I still have two creations waiting for me to finish their paint jobs.

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I'm really glad too, i still adore my little martian!! And i was wondering what you were going to post for christmas :D It's unfortunate you kinda have to push yourself but i know that feeling. There's too many distractions that require less brain juice so they're pretty tempting..

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I am very susceptible to distractions on the internet. I can spend hours doing absolutely nothing in particular. If I don't turn the computer on then I can get quite a bit done but if I have to go online to look up reference images or post work then I am pretty much doomed.

It's something I know I need to work on but as you say, it's just so easy to fall into.

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Ahaha yeaaa.. I have over 600 hours in the Sims 4 if that's any indicator for how my time management tends to look :') Or peggle, damn those games. I tend to close everything and just have my folder with the references on because otherwise i get distracted by colorful shapes..

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I print my references out once I have them so I don't have to turn the computer on. That's one good habit I have learnt.

As for TS4, I have 1379 hours on record although a lot of that is mod and CC testing and not actual playing.

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1379 hours!!!!!! I was wondering how many hours you have considering you do so much CC stuff :') That is impressive

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