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APH: The war of all wars

By Cadaska
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Bigoted passive-aggressive megalomaniac!Austria is one of my favourite Austrias.

Sorry Scotland. I’m gonna draw you in a less scary/crazy way sometime [link]

Look at that sassy Swedish guy [link]
Do I feel suitably sorry for turning Wallenstein into a woman? No. I just wanted an excuse to draw Czechia being badass/good at military stuff for once. At least I gave her Wallenstein’s original clothes (sort of) [link]
For a photo of the poor dead horse: [link]

The fact that Scots killed a Czech fighting for an Austrian in Germany should already make clear that it wasn’t a war between nations or even religions. All armies were highly international and switching sides in captivity was normal and expected. Not to mention that Catholic countries like France fought fellow Catholic countries like Austria.
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It's Wallenstein? Here in the Czech republic we are being taught his name was Waldstein. Or Valdštejn.
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I have no idea why he's called Wallenstein in German, but he's really only known by this name here. It makes no sense.
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The Czech language is weird concerning names. And months.
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PattitonLourkaiSageStudent General Artist
Great comic! The stuffed horse in the link looks so wrong though :iconscaredplz:
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PattitonLourkaiSageStudent General Artist
No prob!
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wallistsaredumbStudent General Artist
Sweden sounds so metal
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Fun fact Wallenstein was negotiating to switch sides and join the protestants
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ladyblackbird13Hobbyist General Artist
No wonder, he knew emperor Ferdinand sucked! XD
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BloodLily16Hobbyist General Artist
Good for Swiss!
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11monarHobbyist Traditional Artist
I´m Learning a lot here :)
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Enrico1946Hobbyist Writer
AND THEN... AND THEN... WWI happens....
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Lovely art style and great summing up, like all of your comics^^ !

(but maybe you should have had the Holy Roman Empire appear in this, too, because the Kaiser of the HRE had to maintain the power of catholicism in the HRE and the forces led by Wallenstein & Co. are mostly referred to as "kaiserliche" (imperial) troops)

Still, I like how you depicted this topic, it's not an easy job (hell, that really was some bloody chaos, back then) and for a full description i nall aspects, you'd definetely need more than one strip...

btw, you know the series  "Die Deutschen" ?

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I thought about it but decided against it because I don't like the mental image of adult nations beating up a small child ;__; I don't mind drawing hurt and suffering adults, but a child? Nooooo

Yes I know it but I cannot say that I have a positive opinion on it. I really don't think it makes ANY sense to ask a question like "Who are the Germans" and then start in the 8th century. I really thought Western Europeans were past that kind of nationalistic 19th century historiography. Even if it's just for entertainment.
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Yeah, that's better (HRE really had to go through alot...)

But I keep asking myself: Why does HRE only appear as a child ? Maybe because it was more a union of multiple states instead of a real nation ?

I think, they should have at least started in the times before the Romans tried to occupy Germania.

"Die Deutschen" is more about important events in german history than the origin and identity of the Germans (so they didn't answer their own question...), I guess.  

It's rather well presented, though, I'd say.

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Probably. People keep saying how he was so federalistic and 'weak' and not a real nation state. It's a bit mean :XD:

True. It's certainly very entertaining X)
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So Portugal lost the Netherlands...

Cadaska, my dear, have you ever draw Potugal? He is cutie like Spain, but girly XD
Cadaska's avatar
I might. Is he an official character yet?
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Awesome, thanks!
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hehehe that swedish king was one of the best =) but i like Gustav vasa better
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KereeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, at first I thought Czech was being threatened with a hairbrush, but then I realized the "bristles" were her collar below the knife.
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Miss-Plain-JaneHobbyist Writer
Panel One...

Spanish Rape face! :iconspainrapefaceplz:
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