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Worm Cover

I didn't have a cover for my ebook of Worm. This made me sad. So I made a cover, as I tend to do when I dork out over a book. Now I am sharing it with the world.
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I love this cover so much. The superhero appearing to have same size as the ants fits very well thematically.

This is pretty neat.

Just FYI: Wildbow's asked for people to not create and share ebook versions of his works. He wants to be able to publish them professionally, and if there's ebook versions of them floating around on the internet it pretty much kills any chance of that.

So if anyone asks for your version, you probably shouldn't share it.
Hi Cactus! I am currently doing a small recommendation of Worm for an assignment at uni; was wondering whether I could use this image? Ill credit your work and post a link to your profile. It's an amazingly cool cover of Worm :) 
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Skitter Facts: Superman died once. Skitter refuses to, because that's too much of a vacation 
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I really like this. Should be official! :)
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I really love this! I noticed you explained the person is Alexandria, but I'm glad that at first glance, you can't really tell who it is. Also, the person's silhouette is dark and androgynous, so they could be any of the capes. This is what makes it an excellent cover that represents the story well. :+fav:
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Thanks, I love seeing the ways different people interpret the symbolism of the cover.
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Love it, but I think flying person should be Sion rather than Alexandria...  Love it either way :)
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It occurred to me, but I liked the black silhouette and cape, makes it more identifiable as a super hero.
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While I think this is good, my only problem is that Taylor doesn't have a cape, and doesn't fly (for the majority of the story).
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That ain't Taylor, that's Alexandria.
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Ok, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you.
That wouldn't be shortly before certain events happen in Cell? Great picture :-)
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There is another possible point in the story this could be, are those storm clouds on the horizon?
This is fantastic!
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