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Decided to bust out my ink pens and have some fun with this one.
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What is this from?
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This is from the Alexandra Quick series of books by Inverarity. If you liked Worm I suspect you would enjoy them too.
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"Troublesome vexes, Troublesome woes,
Troublesome's trouble wherever she goes.
Troublesome's wicked, high-headed and vain,
Troublesome's awful, a trial and a pain.
Troublesome's misery, misfortune and malady,
Troublesome's dangerous, doleful calamity.
Troublesome's reckless, ruthless and bold,
Troublesome never minds, nor does as told.
Troublesome's stubborn, but brave as can be,
Troublesome stays when others would flee.
When trouble's afoot, and all ills are set free,
Troublesome's finally where she ought to be."

great pic ^^
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Cool. Re: earrings. Yeah, she now will occasionally wear studs, but hoops and things are unlikely (unless Julia talks her into them for a special occasion...).
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Ahhhhh! So it's YOU!
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Why the earrings???
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I'm pretty sure she gets earrings in the last book.
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*groan* I must have forgotten. That does NOT fit with my mental image of Alex.
But I suppose when she's rampaging through Dinetah, getting all up in John Manuelito's business, earrings would just get in her way.
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Maybe I should have made them studs rather than loops.
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Hmmm. I don't know...... I really don't know.
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