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Some fanart for the excellent web serial called Worm ( by wildbow. This is the main character Taylor Hebert, aka Skitter. 
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I just got into the series and I am already in love with it!
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The BEST Skitter I've seen! Everyone seems to either forget or just ignore the fact that the hard parts of her armour are composed of insect carapaces and the way you've represented that here looks amazing. BIG kudos to you! 
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Skitter Facts: Contrary to popular opinion, Skitter does not enjoy killing people. Contrary to your current opinion, this makes her more scary, not less
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one of the better renditions of Taylor that i've seen. fantastic work! :nod:
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Omfg it's so good!!!!!!!! :D
Good lord.  She looks like she's on the warpath.  I'd hate to be the guy she's after.  Or anyone who got to close really.  Awesome work.
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Jesus fucking Christ, this is fantastic.

This picture makes her look like a straight up "Lock-the-doors, call-the-Protectorate, Dial-the-mayor" kind of dangerous, and I freaking love it.

Great take on the character, man. Really nice shot. 
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Thanks man, one of my favorite parts of Worm was the difference between how Taylor sees herself and how the world sees Skitter, and I wanted to get that feeling of no nonsense badassery here. When she fights, Taylor doesn't make any contrived poses, she pulls out her knife and baton and starts running straight into the thick of things.
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Hiya! (I love this drawing ahhh)
I was planning on cosplaying Skitter in the future and I was wondering if I could use this image as a reference on my cosplay facebook page?… I'll credit and link back to this page directly too :)
cactusfantastico's avatar
Sure thing. Make sure to use real Darwin Bark spider silk, accept no substitutes.
RuriFawl's avatar
Ahaha thank you so much! I'll keep that in mind :p
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Now you see her...

Now you are swarmed by cockroaches, your face is covered in wasps, there are ants & spiders in your underpants and there are bees in your ears.

Which means that now you don't see her anymore.

But she still sees you...
She doesn't need to see you.  As long as you're desperately trying not to inhale or swallow anything gross, and are so panicked that you're having convulsions even though you're not even being stung or bitten, she can feel you.
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This is hella rad man. Definitely one of my favorites of Skitter.
Oh, a nice one. Thanks.
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bloody hell this looks awesome!
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Do you have a tumblr so I can reblog this amazing fan-art? If you don't may I post it? (with credits and all that, of course) 
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No tumblr, but go ahead and post it.
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i really like the dynamic pose, her armor plates, the bugs, and her baton/knife. idk, i just really, really like this a lot lol. well done! :+fav:
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