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So now that I have done all the character portraits that I plan to do I thought it would be nice to show them all lined up relatively close to what their relative scales should be! Its been fun doing these, but now I am free to do other cool stuff without feeling guilty that I haven't finished this little self imposed project.

I've been reading Worm to tide me over while I wait for Inverarity to finish World Away, but I'm almost done and I'll be jonesing for another fix soon.
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Wow,i don't know what to say this is absolutely amazing,I really love how you pictured them.You truly have a gift!:D
Somehow, I can just imagine that lot ending up in Brockton Bay...

Dear god, that would be hilarifying.
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I wonder if you could do a wingardium leviosa on Leviathan?
Fiendfyre for Leviathan.

Transfigure Behemoth into a Bunny/cast levicorpus on him.

Use compulsion charms/the imperius on the Simurgh.

Hope to hell Taylor Hebert isn't a muggleborn.
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Okay, you should do a lineup of all the Thorn children next :D Livia would be SO FUN to draw, and so would Valeria...
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I think I'm done with the AQ character portraits for a while, it got to be a chore near the end. Keeping the composition similar got kinda boring.
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