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~Next kiriban at 99,999~
Winner gets a free sketch


:star: Please read everything carefully. This document is essentially our contract as artist and client. :star:


:bulletred: All images are for personal, non-profit use. For commercial use, please contact me directly via email.

:bulletred: I retain all rights to commissioned pieces.

:bulletred: I retain the right to cancel the commission at any time, at which point you will receive a full refund.

:bulletred: Please provide me with detailed, concise reference information. If you want something specific (style, pose, colors, etc.), tell me. I am not a mind-reader. Reference images are also useful.

:bulletred: Please note that "lineless" art (EXAMPLE) is more time-consuming, and therefore more expensive, than images with "lineart" ( EXAMPLE ).

:bulletred: I generally don't draw furries/anthropomorphic characters, but if the animal features are minor I can probably do it. In addition, I will not depict minors in sexual situations, racist imagery, or any other characters/themes/scenarios that I find distasteful or offensive. That said, feel free to ask me about something if you are not sure.


:bulletyellow: Note or email me (email is preferred) with commission request and information.

:bulletyellow: Confirm commission contents and price.

:bulletyellow: Payment via PayPal or check. If PayPal, a 2.9% fee is incurred. If check, I will wait until the check clears to begin work.

:bulletyellow: I send you a sketch, at which point you explain any necessary changes I must make, and confirm them before I move to the next step.

:bulletyellow: I send you the finished work.

:bulletyellow: One set of minor revisions, if necessary.

:bulletyellow: For non-sketch commissions, you will receive two files: a screen-friendly JPEG and a full-size TIF for personal printing only. If you require another file format, please notify me up front.


:bulletblue: All prices are negotiable and may be altered according to image complexity.

:bulletblue: All dollar amounts are in USD.

:bulletblue: For multi-character images, add 75% of the original price for each additional character.

:bulletblue: Prices do not include backgrounds. Backgrounds cost an additional 10% - 75% the cost of the original commission, depending on complexity.

:bulletgreen: LINEART (includes original characters, fanart, etc.)
:pointr: black and white sketch = $15 - $20  EXAMPLE
:pointr: black and white bust/waist-up = $30/$35  EXAMPLE
:pointr: black and white full-body = $50 - $70  EXAMPLE
:pointr: color bust/waist-up = $45/$60
:pointr: color full-body = $60-$90  EXAMPLE

:bulletgreen: DIGITAL PAINTING (lineless; includes original characters, fanart, human and animal portraits, etc.)
:pointr: black and white bust/waist-up = $40/$50  EXAMPLE
:pointr: black and white full-body = $50 - $70  EXAMPLE
:pointr: color bust/waist-up = $75/$85  EXAMPLE
:pointr: color full-body = $100+  EXAMPLE

:pointr: Working from ideas and references, I create a character for you, including hairstyle, clothing, weapons, etc. Price varies considerably according to complexity = $50-$100  EXAMPLE  EXAMPLE

:pointr: $50 - $70, depending on complexity. EXAMPLE

:bulletgreen: TATTOO DESIGN
:pointr: prices are similar to normal illustrations, but may vary. EXAMPLE

:bulletgreen: CUSTOM MUNNY
:pointr: Mini-Munny = starting at $90 + shipping & handling + cost of doll  EXAMPLE  EXAMPLE
:pointr: Munny = starting at $200 + shipping & handling + cost of doll  EXAMPLE

Please direct all commission requests and questions to :email: cacodaemonia[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you!

© 2008 - 2021 Cacodaemonia
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I ain't got no money, Africa means no dollars
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I don't have any extra money either. D:
i4gotmymanga's avatar
sent you an email reguarding a comission...^^;
how much would a custom mini munny cost if i live in CA?
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Hi there. :) I generally charge $8-$10 shipping & handling for Munnies, plus the cost of the doll itself ($9.95 for mini-Munny), and labor/other materials. The latter depends on the complexity of the design. Could you email me at cacodaemonia [at] gmail [dot] com with details? Thanks!
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Hey there :D

I'm considering to commission you! Actually I am going to! I will note you soonish with the details. :nod:
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Oh, sweet! :D Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you. :)
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Nice! I love the idea of maybe one in the futre advancing that sketch you did of Kangin and Kyuhyun into a full CG one and all. xD I've linked people to this page as well so hopefully they will come looking for you. All the best; i know I'll be back if you don;t have any offers. You know where to find me and i you. LOL
Cacodaemonia's avatar
That would be fun - they're both so cute. :) Thank you so much for passing on my info! :hug:
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I gots my money to spend (Lol onleh $80 ;3;), so I'd love to buy your art. Idk how I'm s';pose to send it though. =/ I only have cash.
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ohh dear :( I will love to buy you a comission, but I don't have cash :( everything run away with school this days
Cacodaemonia's avatar
I know what you mean! I'm still paying off student loans. :noes:
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