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Yakuza Munny Details

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This is my first full-size Munny! The mini-Munnies in my gallery are all 4" tall, but this guy is 7". :)

He's made of vinyl, and is actually glow in the dark underneath several layers of Gesso, but he doesn't glow anymore. ;) I painted the lines of the tattoos in black acrylic paint, then colored the tattoos with Neopiko Deleter Markers. I wasn't sure how they would work on the vinyl and Gesso, but they came out just like I wanted. I was even able to blend them, as long as I didn't go over one area too much. This Munny took me 13-15 hours to complete. I have another mini-Munny that's just about done, too, but he needs to be glazed first.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention this. :noes: I used designs and motifs from the photo book, 藍像 らんしょう (Japanese Tattooing: Ranshou), by 須藤 昌人 (Sudou Masato). It's a really brilliant book, and I truly admire all the work that went into it. Convincing a bunch of yakuza to do photoshoots naked is probably no small feet. :worship: You can also find the book here.

Photos by ~Nikkuman, who also built an awesome box in which to take the photos. :heart:

Available for purchase on Etsy.

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This is incredible! Love it!
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Everytime I look at this guy I notice something I hadn't before. Just an amazing job with all the detail and paint work, LOVE IT!
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That's awesome! I couldn't have done it without the awesome book I linked to in the artist comments. :nod:
Damn i want one like this! Sooo cool!
Cacodaemonia's avatar
I do custom orders. :) Thanks!
No-More-Heroes's avatar
Thats amazing, I love it
I really want one to, its just soo cool :D
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Thank you! :) I'll be posting photos of another similar Munny this week.
No-More-Heroes's avatar
Ohhh awesome :D
I will have a look :)
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Cool! Makes me want to get a tattoo. :D
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Heh, sweet. :) I'm saving up to get my next tattoo.
snowzapped's avatar
Geez. Don't have even one. I envy you. :sniff:

I wanna get one too. :D
Cacodaemonia's avatar
My first I got as a present on my 18th birthday, then got my second when I was 21 or so. They're both quite small and all in black ink, so I didn't have to spend much on them.
snowzapped's avatar
A friend of mine promised to do it for me and he's a really good tattoo artist. The only thing holding me back is my family. My dad was like, 'ARe you out of your mind?!' The same goes for the rest of the clan (except the younger generation.) hehehe.

So yeah. I'm 31 sans tattoo. :sniff:
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Hehe, well, as long as you don't get anything HUGE, or, like, on your forehead, they're pretty easy to overlook. ;)
snowzapped's avatar
You're giving me ideas. :D

I wanted Kakashi's anbu tattoo but if it's on my bicep it's gonna be really easy to spot since I'm always in t-shirts or tanks. (It's really hot here! :O_o:)

I also wanted Renji's back tattoo. Yep the entire thing reduced to about 3 or 4in square at the back of my waist... Gah! I want a tattoo! :sniff:
Cacodaemonia's avatar
I don't know what the anbu one looks like. Is it on his arm?
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Hey, this one got featured on Artisan Crafts :D [link]

Cacodaemonia's avatar
LOL, no way! Sweet! 8D
F1yMordecai's avatar
incredible detail! Plus the tattoo design flows together really nicely :D
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I loooove Munny's. I actually tried to make something similar once with super sculpey...didn't work out too well though.

Actually, what I've really wanted to get my hands on are some of the blank matryoshka dolls. I think those would be really fun to paint.
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