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Shelter Sketches 001-006

Some of you may have seen Shelter Sketches previews in my past journals, but for those of you who haven't, I'll explain.

:iconsnailbird: from I Love Rescue Animals and I have teamed up to bring you one shelter animal in need of rescue each week. I do a sketch and she takes care of the blogging end. The posts generally go up on the ILRA blog on Saturdays, so please check them out and comment if you have time.

This set is the first six weeks of Shelter Sketches, and I'm working on number seven right now. He's a pup from Kansas, and I'm in love with his smile. :heart:

If you are interested in helping out with the Shelter Sketches project, please note me. Or if you know of any shelter animals in need, we might be able to feature them. And of course, spread the word! Send your friends and family a link to the ILRA blog, or keep track of us on Twitter with the #ShelterSketches hashtag.

Sadly, I found out tonight that Rick and Duke, the boys in the first sketch, were euthanized today. While drawing them, I felt like I got to know them a little, and to think that their bodies are lying in a plastic bag somewhere in a freezer right now is... Well, it hurts. :(

Please, please, please spay and neuter your pets, urge others to do the same, and never buy pets from pet shops - go to the local Humane Society or rescue organization instead!

Corel Painter 11, Photoshop CS3, 2010.

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poor animals at the shelter. Because a lot of the time they don't get adopted
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Wow. The second one looks like one of the pits at the shelter I volunteer at.
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Adopting pets helps too. It's hard to work in a high-volume shelter, and I'm glad that you did. A lot of people don't have the courage to, or choose to volunteer in "no-kill" shelters rather than larger shelters who could use more volunteers. I understand it is entirely a choice, but commendable none the less.
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i wanna help out, but school's been killing and im trying to get/finish commissions. but it makes me so sad that they got euthanized. :{ my spring break's coming up, so i think i'll be able to help out then. though im not popular, maybe it'll help.
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You are my artistic rival, btw!
And...I still have to draw that .../Hanna drawing to start our "war" thing. xD ;n;
Cacodaemonia's avatar
LOL, why are we rivals? O_o
assporn's avatar
b/c I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!
it's more playful rivalry, really
garaaspuppygrl's avatar
such a beautiful and touching peice.
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Awesome :) I always found it hard to do animals (and that while I love them so much)
That project sounds really interesting and very needed. All this sweet animals ... *sigh* I think I'll check out this project. Is it international?
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I have trouble with some animals, too. Shelter Sketches is good practice for me.

Well, right now it's just me drawing one sketch each week, and :iconsnailbird: posting them on the I Love Rescue Animals blog. We are trying to spread the word and make people understand how many animals there are in shelters.
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:D Thanks ! I check that out ^^
W"ell I'm not in America but I still could spare the news to some of my friends and fellows ;)
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Yeah, we need to spread the word all over the world! :)
Eulchen's avatar
Hehe if I can at last help like that :D
celticgriffin's avatar
So sad about Rick and Duke :(

They're all adorable, but my favorite of the 6 has to be the pit bull. You can practically see him wagging his tail!
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Yeah. :(

Oh, I know! She looks so exuberant and affectionate. :heart:
snailbird's avatar
<3 Thanks for posting this Chelsea. Those faces need their forever homes before it's too late. You are so awesome for doing this.

If anyone ever wants to work with ILRA, we are always open to hearing your stories about rescue animals, and we love having guest posters! If you're interested, let us know and we'll work something out.

Rick and Duke are just two of the many animals that are put down every single day. We can do something about it if we just get enough people.

Chelsea, you rock. :)
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Thanks for hosting Shelter Sketches, and for all the hard work you and Ash do to help animals! :hug:
Themoonrulznny's avatar
Holy shit these are amazing~ I do love the eyes as others have said, but the fur looks awesome too, and the ears are perfect!

Also man I was at the humane society just a few days ago- there were SO MANY pit bulls and pit mixes!! Like 75% of the dogs! And a lot of them were really sweet too, came up to me all excited thinking they might get a home :<
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Thank you.

Yeah, it's insane how many pits and pit mixes there are. Irresponsible people who think they're cool get them from breeders, thinking they can breed them and make tons of money. Then they find out that the market is saturated with pit bulls...

It's funny, though: I've met dozens and dozens of pits and they've all been incredibly sweet, while the only dog that ever bit me was a golden retriever. So much for reputations.
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