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Octopus Hanger

Wow, I have no idea if I categorized this right. :|

Anyway, I made this to hang in our kitchen (the walls of which are bright orange)! :D ~BBPskigirl bought the blank hanger thingie and I came up with this idea right away. It was definitely a learning experience...

I used Super Sculpey to make the tentacles, but because I couldn't bake the whole base in the oven I sliced the backs of the tentacles off and very carefully removed the fronts from the base. I stuck them onto pieces of tin foil that were roughly the same shape as the base and hoped for the best! Once the Sculpey was done baking and cooling, I realized that some of it had changed shape. I used hot glue to stick the tentacles back onto the base, but because they were no longer a perfect fit I had to fill in the gaps with extra hot glue. I eventually got everything stuck together and sliced off the excess blue with a utility knife, but was still concerned that the glue looked too lumpy. After I painted the octopus, though, the lumpiness became much less noticeable! :w00t:

We now have dog leashes and keys hanging from this! :D

The style of the painting itself is very much influenced by the amazing :iconmissmonster:. I bow before her bright colors and bad ass designs. :worship:

Photos by ~Nikkuman, who also built an awesome box in which to take the photos. :heart:

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That's amazing and awesome!  Creative idea and I really love the colors you chose.  Plus who doesn't love octopi right? :D
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I love how the tentacles are grasping the hooks! :iconoctopusplz:
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Love the playfulness of it
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That is so cool! If I was more crafty, i'd make something like that.
white-briefs's avatar
What a BRILLIANT idea!!! :O :O :O

:+fav: :D
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Thanks! I wish it were easier to make, or I would probably do more. :)
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I love how you brought the painting into "real life" and have tentacles wrapping around the hooks. This probably looks fantastic against those orange walls!
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Thanks so much! :)
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that is amazing! and such a great idea!
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Thank you so much. ^^
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that is one of the most awesome things ever.
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Oh, thank you so much! :D
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I loooovveee This. So much I want to do something octpus or squid or evn sea animal related.
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Awesome! You should. :) And thank you.
xavirfrost's avatar
I probably am. hahahah
I like drawing sea animals.
You're welcome btw.
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That is absolutely FABULOUS how you've mixed the 2D and 3D elements here.
And it doesn't hurt that bright blue + orange is one of my favorite color combinations, haha. :D
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Mine too! :D

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Awesome idea! I love it!
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