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I painted this a couple weeks ago for ~Nikkuman and myself. It was a surprise for Nick, but just came in the mail today, printed on canvas, so it's safe to post now.

We miss you, Guy. :heart:
October 10, 2003 – December 30, 2008
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Stunning detail. Love the vibrant colors and your chosen depth of field - the out of focus bits really tie the picture together. :nod:
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Thank you so much. :)
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Wow, this is stunning. The amount of detail is breathtaking, especially on the ears and nose; they look absolutely life-like! And so does the collar. Annnd the flowers, especially how some are blurred and others crisp, like they would in a photograph.

I love his face. He looks like such a darling; I just want to pet him.
So sad that he didn't get very old. :cry:
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Thank you so much. :)

It really is. He was such a wonderful boy, and I'm still heartbroken over losing him. :(
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This is beautiful! I love how you can see all of the details on everything.
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Amazing work! You really put a lot of effort on this :heart:

It may be a strange comment, but I just love the lighting on the collar... And the fur is also well done. Though I have the impression that it's a bit flat in comparison to the rest of the elements (the collar, the teeth, the tongue, the nose)... The lighting that looks awesome on the ears seem to lack on the rest of the fur. Just a feeling :)
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Thank you! :)

Hm, yeah, you're right. Now that I look at again, I can see a lot of places where I should have added some stray hairs and highlights.
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I had a greyhound called Shroom who was this colour <3
The whole picture composition is just beautiful, and very vibrant. You've brought out a lovely expression of happiness in his gorgeous face, and the depth of field is well portrayed and even though it is detailed (the front flowers) it doesn't destract from his smile.

I love it.

PS I love the metal on the collar, really well done and very photo-realistic.
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Thank you so much for the kind comment. :)
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wonderful work once again!:aww:
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Oh the details, the DETAILS! Lovely work as always.
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