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Goldfish Study

Goldfish study for that upcoming project. I've been getting a lot of people saying lately that I should use more opaque brush strokes, so I found a conte brush in Painter that is very opaque, and went at it. It was more fun than I had anticipated. :) That damn tail gave me a lot of trouble though...

Oh, and thanks again to everyone who has been critiquing me on this project! :hug:
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lol when I was little, goldfish kinda freaked me out. Now I just think they're ugly. But this makes me like goldfish.
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Aw, I think they're cute! :aww: Thanks!
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i really like these studies, looks like a great exercise in choosing your brush strokes.
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It looked real in the thumbnail! :love:
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OOoh wow, gorgeous <3333
Wow!! Love the goldfish :) The transparancy looks great.
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... in small view and as thumbnail i first thought it was a photo....
full view shows me that it's painted but anyway, really nice work :D
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That's lovely! I really like the square brush strokes, as others have mentioned. It's a nice effect. The scales look great.
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Thanks! It was a nice change. :)
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ooooh. i really like the square-ish brush strokes. this looks great!
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oooh! I like :D
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dang the lighting is lovely :)
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