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Fishing Dog

My half of an art trade with :iconlaurajayne-chan:. :)

Painter X, 2008.

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Hi! :wave:
Featured this in my journal [link] , hope it's ok?
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Aww, puppy is so adorable! ^_^
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Its fur looks so soft :D It looks really cute :D
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her fur is very soft :) i love her ears, they're dead floppy :P
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It's so cute! Those are one of my favorite types of dog(dunno breeds so I don't know what kind it is, but...) I love the floppy ears. The puppy looks so playful <3
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I think she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. :aww: She does look like such a cutie!
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Aww, that's cute, Caco!
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I love it...
I aways try to make amazing things like this but I aways fail at lighting or putting the traces in a wrong order... T_T

SO... Really well done1!!!
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Oh, thanks! ^^ I'm actually very happy with the lighting in this. I often over-shade things that are in shadow, so I tried to be very conscious of not doing that this time.
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Thankyou soo much for this picture. i showed it to all my family and my nan loved it :) we're gonna print it off really nicely and right a little letter on it for my granddad and its going to be put in his coffin. thanks loads Chelsea x
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Oh, I'm especially glad your grandmother liked it. ;__; I'm really very honored that your family has decided to put it in his coffin. I hope you can all think of the good times you had with your grandfather.

What is your pup's name, anyway? She looks like a real sweetheart. :heart:
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i know its a common name for a dog, but it suited her from day 1. Her name is Molly :) dont ask me what her show name is cause i dont know XD its long and complicated.

But thats anyway, it means alot to us, youve caught her true mischievous but sweet attitude. It looks and feels like her alot. :)
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It does suit her. :)

LauraJayne-chan's avatar
oh p.s my mum says that shes never looks so fine with her fur, cause shes usually scruffy cause she likes to play alot :P
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Looks alot like this dog

Very cute!
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