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Catching Comets

This is one of a series of images I'm doing for a friend of mine. She's a doctor with her own practice, and her and her associates were nice enough to commission me to do this series for the rooms in their office! :)

Painter X, 2008.


Here are the other images in the series:
Flying Fish
Mushroom Forest
Milky Way
Juggling Stars
Sunken Ship

~~~Commission Info!~~~

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Awesome! The colors are so well done! :D I see the smiley face and the rocket ship on the moon. ^_^ I love all of your other pieces that are going into your doctor friend's office. What are great idea for office decorations! :)
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this one is likewise inviting. :love:
svenmarie's avatar
I really love the proportions and poses in this, and the style is awesome! The colours are so beautiful and bright and still soft.

I would fav this, but I'm scared of the moon's and comets' faces.
sweety15267's avatar
lovely series <3<3<3<3
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Edarneor's avatar
Oh, I love the idea! =)
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad. :)
leciec's avatar
This is probably my favourite of the series, the idea is fantastic. I love the little rocket on the moon :)
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Pameleca's avatar
OMG love how yiu did the Earth <3
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Thanks! I was influenced by Katamari. Have you ever played it? :)
Pameleca's avatar
No, I haven't ever heard about, sorry ;-;

You're very welcome!! X3
Cacodaemonia's avatar
It's a really fun, quirky series of video games: [link] The visuals sort of gave me the idea to make the earth the way I did. :)
Pameleca's avatar
I watched the trailer, looks very fun X3
I don't play much video games, I don't even have one XD, the most ´;part of my ideas I have while listening to music \o/
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Good for you then. :) I love video games, but they do take up time I should probably be spending on other things. ;)
Pameleca's avatar
Oh, I understand, this happens to me too XD
kimmytj's avatar
wow, i wld so be happy to go to a docs that wasn't dull and clinical looking, great job!!! where is ur friends' practice? :)
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Haha, me too! And I'm sick of all those still lifes on doctors' offices. ;) It's in Plano, Texas.

Thank you! :)
GayKeyboardWarrior's avatar
When they realize that the nets arent working they switch to shotguns. :)
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Oh dear. I wonder if that would stop the comets, though... :-?
GayKeyboardWarrior's avatar
Nothing can resist shotguns. I mean: its shotguns!
dementedpeach's avatar
It took me a minute to spot the expressions on the comets and the moon--they're too cute! I really love the tiny whale and the rocket, too; the details in this really make it stand out. : )
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