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Billy's Girl (Animation) (LARGE RES 1188 X 1080 )

By Cachy47
Animation of Andrea's feet tickling. This is my first gif animation upload, and its fairly large so I'm not sure if its even going to work properly for everyone. I'm also uploading a smaller resolution version just in case.
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1188x1080px 26.66 MB
Published:   |  Mature
© 2019 - 2021 Cachy47
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This is great!

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Plz make some more love your work ;)

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Wow Disney animator

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Amazing job, my friend. That is seriously well done.

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Words can't do this masterpiece justice!
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I am loving how big her feet are.

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I like very much.Heart Love More Tickles Please 
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Wow, quite the talent!
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A fun afternoon. ;)
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Looks like those two know what they're doing, giving to the type of tool they're using to tickle her. I'm actually impressed.

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This is really great! Been looking forward to seeing more of your work, you knocked this one out of the park!

Holy crap I am at a loss of words, amazing work!
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Holy crap! that is just above and beyond!  Super impressed! 

Cab Seal Approval Sm by CeeAyBee  

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Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you enjoyed, and it looks like everyone was able to view it fine. Uploading it was a little trickier than the still images, so I wasn't sure.

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I love this so much!!! I hope you do more and more
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This is amazing!  You are very talented!
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I'm still trying to work out what this is. Is this basically rendered, like your work, but animated as well? The skin looks real, albeit a little bit doughy, as if this were a claymation, but the textures of the clothes look more hand-drawn, leaving me baffled about how exactly this was created.

I guess this goes to show just how little I know about this kind of artwork. Anything more advanced than pen or pencil lineart goes beyond my drawing expertise.
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