VOTING 1/4 (Round 2) - Mega Pokemon Contest -
173 votes
Mega Umbreon by DeadTheFox Mega Umbreon
Mega-Lopunny - Cachomon's Contest by Nanasschevelu Mega Lopunny
Mega Sigilyph by Hyshirey Mega Sigilyph
Mega Gourgeist by Hyshirey Mega Gourgeist
MegaTyphlosion Contest Entry by Tetsumon Mega Typhlosion
.:Contest:.  Mega Ninetales by Mearii-chi Mega Ninetales
:Contest: - Mega-Glaceon - by Yukiko-Snowflake Mega Glaceon
Mega Rapidash by PsycoMasterKA Mega Rapidash
Mega Luxray by Foxymon Mega Luxray
Mega Froslass -Contest Entry- by RaySut Mega Froslass

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honestly I wouldnt choose any of them mega ninetails dosnt really change that much nor does frosslass ,luxaray ,typhlosion ,rapidash ,lopbunny ,and glaceon
It wouldnt be fare if one eeveelution got a mega without the rest which would be to much and mega sigalyph dosnt look like a pokemon that much frosslass also looses her ice type which would need alot of design change to make it less of an ice type like the ice crystals and the white coloration
so the only one I would probably choose is mega gourgeist who dosnt please me that much at all.
sorry if I offended you but I was simply stating my opinion Hurtfull Comments Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
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thanks for your oppinion xD but well, the contest already finished.…
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I accidentally did a wrong vote may it be noted that i change mine from mega rapidash to mega ninetails
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just for be sure, because your sentence is a bit confusing:

your final vote is for Nitetales, right? (instead of rapidash)

or is the opposite? I'm not sure, sorry :)
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my intended vote was for ninetails sorry i was confusing.
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ok, thank you for clarify ;)
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Ok!! Thanks for telling and don't worry ^w^ this will be noted for when polls are closed and I count the points!
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