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[CONTEST] DESIGN A POKEFORM [WINNERS] by CachomonCheck Participants and Entries

General Information
Phase 1: Registration
   1.1: Late Registration
Phase 2: Entry making
   2.1: Visual design
   2.2: Description
   2.3: Submit
Phase 3: Deadline
Phase 4: Judging
Phase 5: Winners
Phase 6: Prizes



In this contest you will get 3 randomised Pokémon, you will choose 1 of them and you will design a new form for either one or the whole family of that species. The forms you are allowed to design are: Delta, Regional, Mega or Giga. Apart from the visual design you will must write a description, more information in the Entry making.

Useful information:
Delta: artificial retyping of a species form, the change is not related to a specific region but to a human purpose.
Regional: form caused by a regional adaptation.
Mega: form caused by a Mega Stone.
Giga: special Dynamax form caused by Eternatus power.

PS: The Pokémon world rules must be applied, so a MegaPikachu would never exist because Pikachu is not a fully evolved Pokémon. A Mega form will always have +100 in the base stats of the original species. A Delta and a Regional will always have the same total base stats than their counterparts, however they can have little variations in how they are distributed. If you have any question about the Pokémon World rules just ask AFTER you are registered, in the very same thread of messages, this way others with same or similar questions can see our answers.



To register in this Contest, make a REPLY in the Registers thread, saying that you want to participate. Then await for a Reply from me. And finally, answer what I will ask you before the Friday 29th May 2020.

If you don't like any of the 3 Pokémon I will give you, you will have a second chance to get 3 new ones but you won't be able to choose any from the first try. Be brave!

Who can Register?
Everyone who is a WATCHER of Cachomon can register in this Contest!
The only other real condition is that your account MUST be at least ONE MONTH OLD in the moment of your Registration.



If the Registration period ended and you want to participate, you still can. Just notice that those who registered on time will have a little bonus in their score.

The Late Registrations can take place until the Deadline date, but the closest the Deadline will be, the hardest will be to get an approved Registration due to the difference in your timezone with mine.



Your entry will be composed of two parts. One will be the visual design and the description.
The list of current participants and their entries can be found HERE.

2.1) Visual design:
Your image has to show the design as much as possible, so you can add close ups of specific parts of the body around the main image. Your design has to be drawn in full body and coloured. And of course you CANNOT steal the design neither the art from someone else... common sense, thanks.

:new: To design the SHINY VERSION is not obligated but IS ULTRA RECOMMENDED. Those who will design a good Shiny version will get bonus score.

If you get Charmander, you can decide if doing a Delta Species form of the whole family, Regional form for one or for the whole family, a new Mega form for Charizard, or a Giga form of one of them. Whatever you will choose, all the visual artwork must be in the same image, and the description must have the same information per each design you create.

2.2) Description:
In the description of your deviation you MUST include some obligated data, and you can add some optional data too. Please copypaste the list below and edit it with your own data. You MUST fill this with every Pokémon you design.

· Species: write down the name of the Pokémon species. If prefixes or sufixes are needed, add them (like Mega, Giga, whatever).
· [recommended] Pokédex description: description about your creation.
· Type/s: what types is your Pokémon.
· Ability/s: what abilities and hidden ability (if available) your Pokémon has. You can invent the ability but please use common sense and explain it well.
· Base Stats: HP / ATK / DEF / SP.ATK / SP.DEF / SPD stats in this order.
· Total Base Stats: add up all the base stats.

· [only for Deltas] Delta Characteristics: what was added/changed from the original species. If Stats changed from the original form, explain why.
· [only for Regionals] Regional Characteristics: what region is this form from. What was added/changed from the original species. If Stats changed from the original form, explain why. If only a specific member of a family species is your regional, explain why, etc.
· [only for Megas] Mega Characteristics: explain why the visual shape you have designed matches the stats you gave to it.
· [only for Gigas] Giga Characteristics: design the Signature attack of your Giga. Specify the name, the type, the power if physical, the power if special, PP.

[optional] Height: in m. If you want to use inches, do the conversion to meters as well.
[optional] Weight: in Kg. If you want to use lbs, do the conversion to Kilograms as well.
[optional] Others: other optional information you would like to add.
[optional for Delta/Regional] Level Up Moves: to list the levels and moves the species can learn via level.
[optional for Delta/Regional] TM&HM Moves: to list the TM and HM moves the species can learn (name of the move, not the number of the HM/TM).
[optional for Delta/Regional] Egg Moves: to list the moves the species can learn through breeding.

2.3) Submit:
1) Submit your entry as any normal deviation, just having in mind these:
- The name of the deviation must include ONE of these terms: [CONTEST], [ENTRY] or [CE].
- In the description you must include a link to this journal.
- In the description you must include the information said above with the information of your Pokémon Species.
- If you think will be fun to remember it, feel free to say which were the 3 random Pokémon I gave you to choose from.
- Make sure the image is big enough to appreciate the design, don't submit something super small or unnecessarily big. If you are unsure, just ask in the Questions thread.

2) Send me the entry:
Once the deviation is in your Gallery (Stash is forbidden), please come back to this Journal and REPLY me in the Finished Entries thread (otherwise I will ignore) pasting your entry there. I will check your entry and submit it in another Journal where all the entries will be collected.

3) Can you edit your entry after sending it to me?
Yes, you can edit it as much as you want until Deadline comes. The day of the deadline I will save all the images to judge them even if I am offline, so if you would edit after the Deadline, those changes will be ignored.



The Deadline to submit your entry is the Saturday 20th June 2020. No exceptions unless we extend the date.
I live in central Europe (GMT+1), when I will wake up on the Sunday 21th I will close the entries deadline.
So make sure to don't wait for the last moment.


If we think an extension should happen, we will submit an informative Journal saying so.



There will be a total of X Judges and a Poll Judge. Once the Deadline will happen, every judge will evaluate every entry and each entry will have a Score. That Score will determine how many points an entry gets per Judge. For example, if there are a total of 10 entries, after I do my internal judgements I will get a determined order of the entries from best to worst basing on my criteria. Once I have that order, the best will get 10 points and the worst will get 1 point.

At same time Judges do their jobs, a Poll will happen here in deviantArt (as many as needed since a deviantArt Poll can only handle 10 entries...). The job it has is the same we do. The most voted will get the max points (this number equals to the total number of entries) and the less voted will get 1 point.

:iconcachomon::icontetsumon::iconvonkellcsiis::iconmakaipanther: + Mr.Poll
More judges may be added :3



Once every Judge has made their Judgements, I will add them up in a Master Excel file and get the Winners final list.
The whole Judgement may take between one or two weeks depending on our job/studies availability.

There will be a total of 3 Winners and the whole Score list will be posted in a new Journal.
If there will be lots of entries, there may be a Raffle to choose a 4th winner.



I made a Journal asking about what would you like as a Prize and there was only TWO replies. One was useful and the other was completely unrelated as a prize. So yeah, I don't really know what would you like as prizes. I may offer a Lite Shimeji for the winner of either their creation or something Pokémon related, or cash... or DeviantArt Core.

If you would like to suggest stuff, please comment in the Journal HERE.

Winners will have a LIST of prizes to choose from and they will choose the one they prefer. First will choose the 1st Winner, secondly the 2nd Winner and thirdly the 3rd Winner. If a 4th Winner would happen, would be the last to choose from the list.

For now possible prizes would be:
- Core Membership
- DeviantArt Points
- Cash in USD or EUR (if Paypal) / any currency (if Revolut)
- Lite Shimeji
- GIF in Shimeji style
- Expression-Sprites in PMD style of your creation
- ...?


With all the info said, don't forget the most important rules!






© 2020 - 2021 Cachomon
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· Before replying anywhere, please read all the rules.
· Any comment that is not a reply will be immediately hidden. This is to keep the comments section tidy.
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Please make sure you maintain the same thread all the time we talk about your entry.
Once your Registration will be successfully finished you will get this icon Twitter Tick Verified Badge Checkmark by VampireHelenaHarper   in the Entries Journal.
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could I join? :)

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Sure!! :la: make your choice!

Altaria | Kingler | Ho-oh


TombieFox's avatar

I Choose Altaria regional form my entry should be with the others ^^

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Hi!! :D

Here are your 3 pokes. Choose carefully! Remember any member of the family species counts :3

Reply saying what Pokémon is your choice and what kind of form will you do with it! If you decide to work with more than one Species of the same family, name them too in your reply!

Golisopod | Rowlet | Suicune


ZekromLullaby's avatar

I will pick Suicune and a Regional Form <3

Cachomon's avatar

Awesome :D I add you in the list!

SkarmorySilver's avatar

Hopefully I'm not too late, but I'd like to join! :)

Cachomon's avatar

You are still on time! Don't worry :D

Here are your 3 pokes. Choose carefully! Remember any member of the family species counts :3

Reply saying what Pokémon is your choice and what kind of form will you do with it! If you decide to work with more than one Species of the same family, name them too in your reply!

Infernape | Goomy | Slowking


SkarmorySilver's avatar

Oooh, something with the Goomy line sounds interesting! I drew a do-over of Goodra at one point with some subtle tweaks to make it more consistent with Sliggoo (making it eyeless for one thing), and now I'm wondering if that could make a good starting point for a regional variant that stays cave-dwelling. Let's see if I can give that a shot!

Cachomon's avatar

Ok! So full line of Goomy Regional forms? ^w^/ Will add you in the participants journal asap!

SkarmorySilver's avatar

Either a full line or just Goodra, I still need to decide. But thanks, I'll definitely get to it as soon as I can!

Cachomon's avatar

When you will have decided please reply again saying the definitive :3 registers end soon! Think about it ;D

SkarmorySilver's avatar

Probably Sliggoo and Goodra, and I'm going with a Dragon/Fighting Unovan variant based on blind cave olms, phantom cave snails (which have cool translucent shells), D&D's Flail Snail, and the "blind old martial arts master" archetype.

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I am Not Sure If I will make IT but I really wanna try. Can I Come along? I read The Rules!

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Reply before the register ends for the register score bonus!! ;)

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The registers with bonus are closed since past night. But I give you today to do it (this means max 12h from this message being written) since you have half of the register done. So PLEASE, REPLY THE MESSAGE LINKED BELOW: https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/841930555/4846063048

I will delete the rest when you are done bc are all wrong placed.

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Hi!! :D

Here are your 3 pokes. Choose carefully! Remember any member of the family species counts :3

Reply saying what Pokémon is your choice and what kind of form will you do with it! If you decide to work with more than one Species of the same family, name them too in your reply!

Fletchinder | Morelull | Meowstic


justme3345's avatar

Hello I would Like to get three new Pokemon thank you! Sorry about The Trouble with The wrong Messages!

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