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Starlet Shimeji +FREE+

By Cachomon
Commission for Fairifloss from FA
(owner lets you all download it for free :D)



:bulletblue: More Shimeji here. Now in English!

:bulletpink: Check the status of your commissions in my main page!

:bulletgreen: Ask for a Shimeji!!


Shimeji made by: :iconcachomon:
Starlet OC belongs to: Fairifloss
Commissioner paid: 10€
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I can only download the JPG.
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Did you even read the description...? The download link is there, the link that says "DOWNLOAD"
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Aww :( my only problem is unRARing it. I've got the newest Java and Windows, but I can't seem to get it to change the file type... :P
Tansm-JeChe's avatar
the download link is just taking me to the normal mew shimeji, it doesn't look like your image at all
Cachomon's avatar
omg, I mixed links when I uploaded them, sorry D:

It's fixed now :D thanks for saying!!!
blackstarlight17's avatar
I'm trying to activate the shimeji that you made since it looks so cute, but I'm having trouble. I keep getting an error message.

Mainly it says "Unable to access jarfile" Not sure what that's all about, but I do know for sure I have Java :nod:
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which windows do you have got? X3
Cachomon's avatar
aha... Well, the jar file is one of the files that includes the shimeji X3 and in theory is directly directed to the Java ô_ó if you say that you are sure you installed the last versiooon... I don't know ô_ó

I use them in both windows7 (32bits / 64bits)

anyway, if you have got another shimeji that works to you, you only have to change the "img" folder :D where the pictures are inside :D
blackstarlight17's avatar
I've tried installing the latest one, but not sure if it went through or not. And I'll keep that in mind, I'm not completely tech savy and such, so not sure how well it'd work. I still can't even get my DesMuMe to install wifi :(
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hum... in the website of Java [link] press "do I have Java?"

it will say to you if you have it or not at the latest version XD
blackstarlight17's avatar
Says I have Java, but I couldn't figure out how to get the latest version, or at least I didn't see it right away ^^;
Cachomon's avatar
well... it's not that difficult x'D it says if you have the last one or not... not only if you have it installed.

Anyway, download it again, because the link was wrong D: and if it still don't work, search in google "shimeji unable to access jarfile" or similar
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