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Free the Umbreon Shimeji +FREE+

Commission for natetheglaceon
(owner lets you all download it for free :D)



:bulletblue: More Shimeji here. Now in English!

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Shimeji made by: :iconcachomon:
Free OC belongs to: natetheglaceon
Commissioner paid: 10€
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In theory them all have it. I have the right to earn a bit of cash if they are FREE to download. But if AdFly continues being a bother I'll have to find another host to do that v__v
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odd well your shiny eevee didn't have adfly.. so i am confused i downloaded the shiny eevee fine and every thing else it just tried to get me viruses seriously.. adfly is a virus site not a useful thing to use..
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Then I forgot to add the Shiny eevee there, I have more than a hundred of Shimeji and I've worked hard to make them, I do have the right to get something in exchange. I just don't have the time for a research yet... a shortlink page maybe will do it, but as said, it needs research and TIME for the application of it, since are lots of them.

Glad you could get it though~ anyway, I do use Adfly and never gave me problems. But yes, if they continue fucking off, I'll send them to the garbage v_v the support button doesn't work yet and to keep waiting doesn't help
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i hope your problems are fixed soon its a waste to have all of your work become a nuisance to people like these obviously took effort lets hope they dont become total viruses..
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Yup ;v;

If there is any you would like to get and you can't, please feel free to send me a mail to and I'll send you direct links for it ;w;/ just don't abuse this pls~ but I wanna help as I can~
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Download link is redirecting me to a malware site.
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Just skip the Ad with the top-right button and proceed to Mediafire link
Maverik-Soldier's avatar
It is what I did, after skipping the ad, it redirected me to a malware site that tried to install stuff into my computer on its own. I spent some time de-infecting my machine...

Do not worry much though, I made some research and realized, cannot install Java 6 anyway, it would mess up some software I need for work.

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If you could remember what Ad was I would report them... I am sorry about that, since it's not me who choses the Ads... and the Java you need is the 32bit one :) which is old, not the latest (latest are all for 64bit).

If wanna try the java, this is the official link of it:
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can u make the Crowned Leafeon for me plz?
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I downloaded it, but for some reason, it won't open.
I downloaded the java I needed, but for some reason, it won't work!
Any help? I have windows 8
folxy-the-lovley-fox's avatar
If jar doesnt work try the exe it works by the mewtales shimeji if it doesnt show open again :)
NightmareMajora's avatar
I've look though and i can find a .exe file, any idea?
Cachomon's avatar
I use Windows7 D: but it should work in 8 too... which is the error exactly? Describe the process you do or do screenshots, please :) if I can't help you, maybe my programmer partner can~

Do you have any working shimeji by the way? :) is important to know if this one doesn't work or if all of them don't~
Naratzu's avatar
The error is that it just wont manifest!

For a reason, the file automatically opens in a Adobe creative Suite 5 file! It's very strange :/ I can't make it open as a .MF at all 

I will send you some screenshots, but right now, I am in my phone.
KilkakonOfficial's avatar
.MF? You should be opening the .jar to open the program~ If that's what you mean "opens adobe" then you can create a shortcut or batch file to run it, let me know if you need a hand.
wolfofthenightmares2's avatar
:iconcriesplz: why's all the good shimejis have to BE A .RAR?!
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Shimeji Commissions' Sheet Extended by Cachomon Read the comment Artist here and use the proper link. There are solutions to the problems xD always.
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yay an umbreon!!! :D (by the way if I want ya to make a/some shimeji do I need to pay you will you do the occasional free one?)
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