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Flix Shimeji +FREE+

By Cachomon
Commission for :iconflixdragoness:
(owner lets you all download it for free :D)



:bulletblue: More Shimeji here. Now in English!

:bulletpink: Check the status of your commissions in my main page!

:bulletgreen: Ask for a Shimeji!! Shimeji Prices


Shimeji made by: :iconcachomon:
Flix OC belongs to: :iconflixdragoness:
Commissioner paid: 15€
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what program you use? Please, tell me)
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I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for absolutely everything :3
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Is there any this tutorial is to learn how to make working shimeji? =)
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Well, if you don't want to mistake and you can't really code at all, I recommend you download this one:

Shimeji-ee 1.0.6 Download And Instructions

Then just enter the "img" folder and replace those pictures with your own drawings :D you must understand and learn what action does every picture belong, that for sure. Here you have a little tip:

1) 1,2,3 - Standing and Walking
2) 4,18,19 - Falling down, impacting and bouncing
3) 5,6,7,8,9,10 - Picked up and swinging
4) 11 - Sitting down
5) 12,13,14 - Climbing the side of the screen
6) 15,16,17,26,27,28,29 (whatever you want)
7) 20,21 - Lying down and crawling around (or sleeping, your choice)
8) 22 - Jumping
9) 23,24,25 - Moving along the top of the screen
10) 30,31,32,33 - Sitting down with legs hanging down and moving legs
11) 34,35,36,37 - Pushing a window across the screen and throwing the window
12) 38,39,40,41 - Cloning animation 1 (whatever you want)
13) 42,43,44,45,46 - Cloning animation 2 (whatever you want)
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Just wanted to say thanks on that tip! I'm creating a shimeji for when I play DnD (and it's a surprise, so I want everyone to be surprised by my Kor Rogue walking around my screen) and the base shimeji I have for editing wasn't clear in what files were what! You're a lifesaver!!!
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You are welcome :hug:

Have in mind that we do more updates once in a while :3 to stay tuned feel free to follow us on :iconshimejidesktoppets: if you don't yet!
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Oh, thank you very much)
Best of luck in your future works =)
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Does this need Java 7? Or does it use 6?
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in theory works in 6... but if you have the latest, better xD
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omffhg YES..! X'>
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i was just wondering if you knew how i could fix it because i cant get it working. i have tried a few of your shimejis and i download, unrar and run the shimeji-ee.exe file and it comes up with a selection screen and i have tried pressing both use selected and use all?
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well, first you have to select them ^^ they must have a "tick" in their little square~ and then, press "use selected"

if this screen you say appears, they should work >__< (the problem would be if this screen never appears)

Hope I helped ;A;/
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! C:\Users\Kirsty\Desktop\pet\flic\Flix_Shimeji.rar: Cannot create Shimeji-ee.bat
Access is denied.
! C:\Users\Kirsty\Desktop\pet\flic\Flix_Shimeji.rar: Cannot create Shimeji-ee.exe
Access is denied.

that what it says, guess im the only one to have it?
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Hum... it's strange :/

here you have a zip... hope it works for you, but anyone else has told me this D: commissioner included

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still not working, such a shame these look really good
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This must be a problem of compatibility of your computer... Try searching in Google why your shimeji don't open
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nope didnt 8{
and think somethings up with the rar i tried to re extract it and it said access denyed on the exe file...odd
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what is a shimeji?
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A Shimeji is a little japanese program that lets you have a mascot into your Desktop. While you are working, it runs, climbs, jumps, etc in your screen and you can interact with it. You can pick it and throw it away with your mouse, or display a menu and tell it what has to do.

When you have the program, you can give it the appearance you want (the original is this one -> [link] ) for example an OC or whatever you want.

Here you have a google explanation -> [link]

You can have more than one shimeji at same time XD is funny to have two of these little mascots while you are working~ you should make a try ^^
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that sounds :iconso-awesomeplz: i gotta do that :D thanks for the info.
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That needed caps lock >_>
Really though you made Flix look soo good!
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