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1974 but also 1998 but also 2004
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this profile is now archival! I will no longer be posting my art here.

check here for where to find me!

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Hi cabysoft! I absolutely love your Beautiful gallery ❤️🥰 I was wondering if you could redraw my drawing for me? It would make me very happy.😁

P63 253

also the ( the book club drawing that you did looks really cool and amazing

my goodness I LOAF you're art style it looks really cool and also um I was wondering how do you start a ( doll house for OC ?. ) also I really LOAF the hole thing about ( kavin the aardwolf or just aarwolf sorry if I got it the first time wrong lol. ) He's very COOL LOOKING how old is he ?. also I know this is short of off but I was wondering if I could please ( base kavin off if not that's okay I underSANS 🙂🦊🐐🐅🦮 lol. )

thankyou! I'm glad you like my work :D

and you mean toyhouse? it's a website for storing your characters, their information, and their art. you need a code to make an account though! plenty of people give them away for free though :)

kevin's age is a mystery, hehe, he's very old! basically immortal, really

ah I see and thank you also where can I find the wedsite at ?.

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You have an awesome gallery!