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First update of the year!

So a few things happened in the past few weeks. Nuclear Winter vol.1 was announced by Boom! Studios and will be out next April/May. I'm so happy the book gets an English release! I hope I can visit a few conventions in the States next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

On a less exciting note, I closed my Patreon page after just a few months. Being a child of DeviantArt, the whole notion of a paywall was just so icky to me. I couldn't keep up with the updates and decided to just post the Utown and Hiver Nucléaire 3 sketches on my social media accounts instead. All the links to support my art and get other updates are down there!

Some links
Hello world! I got me a Patreon page! I'm posting sketches and concept art, as well as time-lapse videos and goodies. For those who are familiar with my cast of old characters, rejoice! I will start a webcomic featuring the ol' Underton gang. If you want to have a glimpse into the making of a comic, please check out my Patreon page. Peace!!

Some links

Event and convention schedule (2017)
Québec Comiccon (October 14-15)
DeviantArt isn't the center of the universe, so here's where to find me outside of this weird ecosystem:

The serious stuff
Social medias

Event and convention schedule (2017)
Deciding on what to attend next :P
I opened digital commissions because I'm going through a bit of a rough time right now. Full body, full color, one character, no background is the deal! You get a hi-res 8.5x11 file ready for print. The price is 70$ CAD, which equates to roughly 52-53$ US. Slots won't be open for long so don't wait! Check out the Etsy listing page here : // for more details and a few examples, and feel free to note me for more infos :) Thanks a lot!
Over the years I've been what is now known as a "Core" member a few times. I miss it! I've been on DA a little more than over half of my life, can you believe it?!
But the Canadian dollar is really weak and I can't spare the bucks right now. I dunno if you can become a Core member with points but if anyone out there is feeling generous over the holiday, it'd be suuuper nice!

And yes, I am that shameless! 
Want to get some prints from me, maybe some rad stickers and perhaps an original comic page? Earlier this year I opened an Etsy shop! And what's cool is that everything's in puny Canadian dollars, so it's quite a deal. Check it out:  Cab's Etsy Shop Thanks! And please share, if you know anyone who needs their walls decorated!
I'm back! I never really left, but I forget to keep track of what I upload where. Anyhoo, things have been good. My second solo comic, Hiver Nucleaire 2, came out last july. I'm busy with some colouring gigs right now so who know when I'll have time to draw again. I'll try though!
Yeah, so this is really the longest I went without updating. What is new? Well, my webcomic "Nuclear winter" ( is keeping me very, very busy, and that's about that! I haven't been drawing for myself as much as I'd like, but the ol' Tumblr sketch blog ( is updated more or less regularely. I'll be attending TCAF next week and (hopefully) handing out very nice promo postcards, for free! I have a few things to upload here as well. Until then!
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Big news everybody!

My webcomic "Hiver Nucleaire" is finally online! For those who don't know, it's a comic about a girl, Flavie, stuck in a perpetual winter caused by a nuclear accident. It's more of a comedy than a hardcore post-apocalyptic epic, but she'll have to deal with plenty of mutants and extreme weather conditions!

I posted the first three pages for your enjoyement. There's the original french version here: and the English translation here: It's gonna be updated every Monday! I hope you guys like it!

It's been a while since I updated that thing. For once, I have something interesting and important to say. Yesterday was my last day of work at the office, as a graphic designer. For three years, I did the 9 to 5 thing, endured the packed subway during rush hours and could only work on my stuff at night and on the weekends, between chores and everyday life obligations. As I emerged out of a long, depressing art block that lasted almost a year, I began to take on more and more projects on the side, and at one point, the side became too short to do anything at a reasonable pace. I decided to take the big plunge and burn through my savings, to finally concentrat on what makes me the happiest: drawing.

My latest deviation is a bunch of sketches for a serious web comic idea that I'm totally attached to. For the longest time, comics frightened me because there is so much challenges involved; but I did the research, bought the books, practiced and now, I'm in love with the medium.

Aside from the web comic, I've been working on a pitch with an author and if it does get published, everything will change. I gained so much confidence in my skills in the last year that it became obvious that I had to find more time to put everything in practice. Thus, goodbye secure job, hello adventures! For the first time in many years, I'll get the chance to enjoy summer, even though I have no intention of slacking off. I have tons and tons of work to do and  nothing makes me happier. It's also a chance to test myself, as I'm an eternal procrastinator; if I manage to keep a good pace and stay motivated, I'll draw more in the upcoming months then in the last year combined. Needless to say, I'm extremely excited!

So the next couple of weeks will be aimed at making art for the Montreal Comicon in september, finish a short comic with boum that earned us 4th place in a comic contest organised by Glenat Québec, do some serious panelling for my web comic and FINALLY finish this pitch that has been dragging on for more then a year.

Tumblr has become the place I'm most active now, because I'm in a research and sketching phase. I'll compile the best of for Deviantart but it's gonna be more sporadic.

So yes, things are great now; I have no idea if this break will last, this will depend on the sad truth that I will need income at one point. But for now, I'm gonna enjoy this opportunity to the fullest.
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Heeey! I'll be Livestreaming all night long! CGing and doodling mutants crazy characters! It's a date, 7:30 PM (in half an hour) Eastern time. Here!…
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Oi oi oi all! I haven't been on here in a while except for calling out Livestream sessions, haven't I! Truth be told, my lust for comments and numbers and imaginary feedback has lead me to Tumblr but I promise I am not neglecting DA.

It'd be a lie to tell you guys that I've been so caught up in amazingly interesting projects that leave me no time to sleep. I am working on a comic proposal but other then that...myeh. I know I've been such a tease with my "Keys to the City" comic project that I had every good intention on doing. Right now I need to make a name for myself and leave old OCs behind, as much as it breaks my heart. Wow, look at me go, getting all personal and stuff!

Anyway, my DA page has reached an astonishing almost 400,000 views and I intend to celebrate. Whoever hits this magical number, unphotoshopped screenshot to back it up, will get a free comission! Not a giant fresco or anything like that, but something decent. It's gonna be in a while though, but I'll keep this journal up until it happens!
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Hey y'all, I'll be Livestreaming a couple of drawings this afternoon at 3:00 Eastern Standard. See you there!
It's starting to be a weekly thing! I'll be livestreamin' some character designs and possibly a messy background tonight, at 6PM Eastern standard time. It's gonna be fun and exciting woo! Meet me on Livestream in an hour!…
It's ON. Right now.
Hey you guyyys! Apparently, my Romantically Apocalyptic piece featuring poor ol' Snippy, made its way into an official contest held by Alexiuss himself!

So follow that link and help me get as much favs as possible! It's doing great so far, dear Snippy, he's such a responsible boy. Thank youuuu!
Livestream in 10 minutes:

Last Livestream of the year!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 8:38 AM
On now, for at least an hour. I might take requests, doodle shit for fun, come and join!…

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Montreal's mini Comicon!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 30, 2011, 4:54 PM
I'll be selling things and prints and stuff! If you're in the area this sunday, head up at Place Bonaventures, I'll have a table, I'll sell AWESOME SHIT. More info here:…

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A thought...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 6:23 AM
Whatever happened to commenting on artwork on DeviantArt? When did that go out of style?


Thanks to all who reacted on this issue. I can't reply to all the comments (ironic, I know) but at least it sparked a good lot of honest observations. You guys rock :)

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