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So Shaboygen asked me about my favorite gag. I started answering and realized I was writing an essay about gags, so I might as well post it as a journal.

Iīll go for ball gags -personal preference-. I like the precise moment when the captive finally accepts her fate and opens her mouth letting the gag in -thinking that it wonīt be so unconfortable and that she will be able to spit it out- and the moment it is tightened around her head and she realizes the mistake that she just made accepting the gag in.  I like to see the lips stretched around the gag and the expression in the face of the captive. You can have the variation in sizes: the huge ones that force the hiperextension of the jaw and stretch the outside lips, and totally oclude the mouth almost choking the captive (but hate them when they are just for show and can easily be pushed out by the captive). Or you can have medium/smaller ones, which can be tightened up deep into the mouth (as seen on "hogtied" homepage videos),with no means of being spit out even with repeated efforts by the captive,  leaving the tongue depressed and the futile effort of biting it, showing the teeth trying to resist it. The captive can wrap her lips around the gag and partially close her mouth or she can open her mouth and show her teeth in despair and disconfort.  Makes the girl drool incontrolably and gives her the false hope that mumbling inintelligible words will get her out of the bind. Love the gag talk, whether it consists of softly pleading or angrily mumbling insults, Girls look so cute with gags. Also, multiple colors to mix and match. Romantic? pink. Kinky: red. Hardcore-leather-chain-bdsm: black.  
The possibilty of a simple, one belt gag, or a complex head harness with it adds to variety. I dont really understand the purpose of the "trainer" ballgag (the one with an underchin strap). Maybe to avoid being spit? but if a simple strap ballgag is adjusted deeply enough it is almost impossible to spit it. Share some insight about it please.

Whiff ball gags (the ones with holes, as seen in japanese hentai bondage pics) are safer because they donīt block the mouth, allowing breathing and drooling. But they are made of rigid plastic instead of rubber, which makes them more harsh to use for a longer period of time. Nose hooks are just too weird for my taste. 
Also the panel gag seems interesting, but I think that it would just slip down if it is not properly adjusted. Panel gags in combination with a head harness seem adequate.

Functionally I think that a mouth packing with wraparound tape (or elastic sport bandage) is the most effective in muffling the sounds of a captive. Still mouth packing is kind of dangerous. Saliva can accumulate and there is difficulty in swallowing. Also the packing, if not done right, can slide into the back of the throat blocking the airway. 
There is also the problem of a sticky adhesive tape over the hair of the captive and how to safely remove it later. High ponytails or pigtails help with that issue.

Tape gags are ok, but 2 or 3 strips over the mouth just wonīt do. The captive just has to force open her mouth and the strips will come off (jaw muscles are strong enough to loosen the tape), also with the sweat and saliva, the tape tends to loosen up. So for tape gags to be effective, they have to be wrapped around the head several times, and sealing the lips together.

OTM (over the mouth if youīre not familiar with the gag terms) is just an esthetical addition after another gag has been set under it. Also dangerous if it blocks the nasal airways 

Cleave gags Are mostly useless in silencing a captive, they just render their speech partially ininteligible. On the other hand, Knotted cleave gags serve a similar purpose as the ballgag, depending on the size of the knot. 

Stick gags or pony gags, might be very unconfortable since they need to go deep into the jaw articulation so they wonīt be spitted out. This hiperextends the jaw causing discomfort and pain. Depending on the material of the stick gag (rubber, wood, metal, plastic), any force applied by the jaw can damage the teeth or pull a jaw muscle. 
Ring gags are an interesting concept and serve other purposes - ahem- but same principle applies to what I commented with the stick gags. If the captive has a sensitive gag reflex on the back of her throat, she will have the automatic response of trying to close her jaw, damaging her teeth or jaw muscles with the rigid gag, even if it is wrapped in leather or rubber.    

These conclusions come after years and years of visually studying ball gags. 

So, what is your favorite gag? 
So I took another job that is basically consuming all of my free time. I havenīt been able to focus on my pics. 
Sketching: fast. Lineart: pretty decent speed. Flat colors: also pretty fast. After that, I havent been able to conclude any pics Iīve been working on. Somehow colors doesnīt seem right, I canīt transmit the mood that I want, Shadows and highlights just doesnīt feel right. Backgrounds also consume a lot of time. 
Maybe itīs because i am so stressed and short on time. 
Funny thing is: no art block -lots of ideas-. Just color blocked. 

Currently I have 5 pics on that color blocked stage of progress.

I am mostly a pencil sketcher and inker. Color is new for me, and it consumes me a lot of time. Sometimes it surprises me with the results and other it is just a step above mediocre. Still I think that a pic is incomplete without it. 
Soooo, Iīve been thinking about posting my linearts, with some ideas for background, lighting and settings and if anyone is interested in giving it a shot and coloring them, that is ok for me.  I am not comissioning anything, If you like the pic, you can paint it. I am giving them for free (as all of my pics )
It will be interesting to see my pics colored with different palletes an settings.
I only ask that you link me as a source of the lineart and that you drop me a message to check your results.  

Tell me what you think about it. 
More a poll than a journal...

Justin bailey?
super M?
Fusion blue?
fusion orange?
Zero ?

No turning back now.
My intuos4 XL is on its way.
I will make a "Do it yourself (DIY for short) Cintiq"!!!!!
Hope it works and that I donīt end up breaking anything.

Any doubts about it, go here for an introduction…

here for the info

And here for my build log.…

Wish me luck
Cabroon out
When I check my inbox and find that someone else just posted something similar to what Iīm working on, I tend to delay posting my pic or start working on somthing different.
I know Iīve covered the originality topic before, but I just canīt help feeling unoriginal posting something similar to what someone else just posted.
I have delayed three pics because of this. Might get to work on them later on.
Anyone else has done that?
So for anyone that follows my journal, The "S" DID is up. As always I tried to keep it totally obscure. Hope you like it.
By the way PS4 is working wonderfully.
photoshop cs2 keeps crashing. I´m using scatter brushes to render clouds and suddenly it crashes. It´s becoming frustrating. That´s the reason for no posts yet.
I´m using a vaio core I5 with 6 gigs ram, nvidia ge force with cuda video card. Previous pics with many layers and it worked perfectly. May have to reinstall it.
Any tips ?
I picked up an old sketch left unfinished. Not DID related, but cool enough. Working simultaneously on the "S" pic. Who knows... Maybe a double post is coming.
Too much shadows in my work lately. Next something more sunny and outdoors piece. Hope I get the effect right.
Name starts with "S"...
Preparing a pic of a girl rarely seen, as usual. You´ll have to wait about a week or so. Really excited about how its turning out.
It was either this post or poky´s gag. I tried the gag thing, but just didn´t clicked in. It didn´t merged with the rest of the pic. :(
My first tutorial!! woohoo!! Hope you find it useful.
FInished and posted my first sketch with my brand new bamboo capture tablet.
Getting used to it was fast. I´m thinking about posting an in depht review of it, compared with my previous experience with my deceased genius tablet.

So I ´ll get some rest now. it´s late.
Cabroon out.
An advice for all my fellow DA artist...
Don´t create a lot of folders!!!!!!!
I will agree to navigate over one or two of your folders, but if an artist has 4 or more folders, I start to lose my interest... very quickly!!

I could upload tons of sketches, and random stuff, but I will try to keep that at a minimum and in a separated folder from my central gallery.
At least keep all the interesting stuff in your featured folder.  

Keep the quality art coming.
Cabroon out. !!!!!
I was previously talking about how good was my genius pentablet, and then ....
My pen tablet just got fxxxxed up!!
Second tablet that gets ruined because the battery acid leaking inside!!!!
This one had lasted a lot more, and I was very satisfied with its performance, but ... fuuuck!

I´m getting a wacom bamboo.

So work in progress will be delayed until further notice.
Cabroon out.
So as I said before, I don´t know if there is a difference between anthro, furry or the likes. I Made this sketch a long time ago and I thought it deserved a good treatment. I am getting faster at doing these pics. Color is not an issue now. I am feeling more confortable experimenting with new techniques. And my new laptop is running like a dream!!!! No more 7 year old Dell laptop with centrino.
Welcome Vaio I core 5, 6 gig ram, Nvidia Geforce.

On another topic, Maybe some time later I´l buy a bamboo tablet. Until now, my genius tablet (i608) had proven itself a very reliable tool. It took time to get the feel of it, (actually it is my second tablet)
I don´t know why everyone cries that "the battery operated pen is a disadvantage". Personally I haven´t changed the battery since I started posting here on D.A. and the weight of the pen doesnt seem to bother me. Also the tip of the pen is very durable, and the surface of the tablet has a very confortable surface, not like paper, but a very nice texture.

Mmmh I am starting to sound "pro genius" and this is starting to look like a product review.
Point is that no matter what tool you have, you can´t blame the hardware/software for your lack of talent.
Even with a stick on sandy beach, or a chacoal on a rock, you could still make a great piece of art.  

The only valid explanation for the lack of talent is the lack of practice.
I hope this makes up for the lack of rope in my last 3 pics.

Got rope?
I´ve noticed that in my last pics there is  few or no ropework. I intend to correct that from now on.
Just updating. Working on my speed. I guess practice makes perfect, or at least better. New post. Not so obscure this time, but interesting.
Ta Daaaaa!!!!