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Take no prisioners

By cabroon
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So I saw this special move from rolento ("take no prisioners") where he hangs his opponent with the help of Del Gado (one of his subordinates) and I thought about a more interesting situation.
First I thought of the crotchrope, but then it came to me the "special" gag, so it´s one scream and boom!!

I like Maki´s sprite design in SF alpha 3, nice colors, animation, poses and attitude. Kind of rough tomboyish and not even trying to be hot... but she still is!
Final fight maki is more oriental in design and accesories. SFA3 Maki is more occidental in her outfit design.

In the first sketch she was frogtied and she was hanging by her neck, but I´m not that fond of suffocation, hanging, breathplay or whatever. So I worked around another kind of peril. In the end I liked it more. That rope goes deeeeeeep!

Perpective was not that hard. Hope that the characters proportion are correct. I did´nt want to put rolento on first plane, but couldn´t think of other setup for the scene.
Color pallete taken from in game sprites, but modified to fit the background. Again tried cel shading, but had to add some soft shading and lighting here and there.
Worked the lights from the back to the front for the subway lamps. I think they came out nice. Was going to add more details to the background (fire extinguisher, trash bin, posters..) but I got tired of it, and I think it works just fine as it is.

If I ever start taking comissions -very improbable possibility...- I will charge a lot more for multiple characters. It is a lot of work!! and in the end one of them gets neglected (the orange guy on the ceiling... meh.)

I loved the process of the pic.


Cabroon out.
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Girl you better be glad you are a lady
shadowyzman's avatar
shadowyzmanProfessional Digital Artist
FirebreathingAlison's avatar
I love the way she's being pulled off her feet by the crotch rope.  Pictured to perfection.

I know nothing of gaming.  What's the bloke holding the hook about?  That just looks silly.  Apart from that the image is a lovely study in fantasy malice and wickedness.
ayanamiame's avatar
very hot and creative !
ericcintron's avatar
ericcintron General Artist
Nice work! Very sexy!!
aabarro13's avatar
Rolento vs Sagat
...and then some!
dannysuling's avatar
dannysulingHobbyist General Artist
Very sexy…and devious.

Yes, your work on the ceiling lights paid off, IMHO. Really atmospheric.
Drago-the-Dark-Klown's avatar
Bueno, pues lo único lamentable del Final Fight 2 era que cuando perdías con Maki, no tenía las manos atadas atrás... Había qué hacerle justicia a ello! 
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FlowingfistStudent General Artist
Jjajaja nicely done:D:D:D, Maki is a forgotten character,but I think she is great. We need to see her more often
cabroon's avatar
cabroonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I agree, Maki is a hottie. I have another sketch with maki from final fight 2. Rarely seen chicks in bondage has somewhat become my signature.  
Mattyhup's avatar
Is the rope attached to her panties? They will tear soon then
cabroon's avatar
cabroonHobbyist Digital Artist
nope, the rope is attached to the post behind her. 
Mattyhup's avatar
So then her panties r going in her pussy?
K-a-r-y-u's avatar
Maki's awesome, when she was first announced for Capcom VS SNK 2 I was shocked they chose an obscure character (one reason why MVC3 was so shit, they kept picking easy choices rather than getting Captain Commando, Jin etc back in)

Anyway the pic itself is great creativity wise, I love seeing her in DID, her chracter just begs for it. If you want another version of her actually hanging you could have her wrappe/fully bound in the cable and hung by her ankles as if to actually take her rather than KO her.

Rolento is also f'king awesome. As a fan of Vega I enjoy his gameplay style, aswell as being a Final Fight fan.
Chokerope1986's avatar
I would love to see a version of her bound and hanged by her neck. What is this from?
K-a-r-y-u's avatar
Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3
MrAsh96's avatar
nice panties I loved how in game it was easy to get a upskirt with Maki
orenkie's avatar
orenkie General Artist
*Snap* Mission Compleeeeeeeeeeeete!
trumi's avatar
I hope you will draw Maki again..but not in peril;-)
cabroon's avatar
cabroonHobbyist Digital Artist
I have another sketch with Maki from the final fight version... but she is in another sort of peril. ;)
deathdealer187's avatar
still waiting to see your juri you mentioned months ago
cabroon's avatar
cabroonHobbyist Digital Artist
patience patience... inspiration works in misteryous ways...
deathdealer187's avatar
Is it almost ready now ? 
Nizore-Mei's avatar
Nizore-MeiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Crotchrope suspension taken to its limits. Now this is right up my alley, or should I say street?
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