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:iconcaboosepanties:CaboosePanties posted a status
Dear Djeck this type of comment is hurtful and just Nasty so GO AWAY


What a shitty picture !!!!!

Composition is awful: 
_ all that mess in background is useless
_ lighting, lighting .... it's the most important thing in photography. Seems you didn't understand that ...
_ low res and noisy shot: please, buy a decent camera if you pretend to make art ....

The goal of deviantart isn't just posting naked pictures .... pictures must be ART ... you know, like in website name ... ART.

Devious Comments

Done and done. Don't listen to him because he's just a bully, and judging by his comments on other peoples pictures, a hypocrite. Especially when it comes to everything he has said is wrong with your picture and talent. Don't let him win, keep doing whatever makes you happy...even if it's just posting pictures of your collections. 😉🤓
BohemianDreamer13 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
usual interweb expert it no attention, you will always hear from everyone who doesn't like something, but all of us that like it don't comment on every pic we like. Let it slide, the guy means nothing in your world. Allow him to have a bad day.
Rapid-Star Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow that is harsh and totally uncalled for!
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