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The Total Script Package



This is a script pack you've all been waiting for. It contains two folders, one containing all of the scripts I've released up-to-date (some have had some minor fixes done to them) the other one containing those same scripts converted for use with the Apo 3D hack.

Now some notes on the 3D scripts:

- scripts marked "(3D compatible)" are exactly the same as the regular versions of those same scripts except that they no longer will have the linear3D variation applied

- scripts marked "(3D version)" are almost identical to the regular versions except that instead of the linear variation they use linear3D

- all other scripts are either made to be 3D specific or have been converted as such

- There is a new script included in the 3D folder called "Millefiori Maker". I scripted this for :iconrozrr: and examples of what can be done with it are found here:
Also note that it works as an overlay on an already existing fractal. All the script really does is give the fractal a specific 3D shape.

And a gigantic thanks goes to :iconrozrr: for helping me put the 3D pack of scripts together. She definitely deserves a standing ovation... so if you download this: stand to your feet and clap! (if you don't... well I'll be sad... and you'll feel guilty) :) Oh! and check out her gallery.

I always forget stuff so I expect these comments to be edited at some point in time. :lol:
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Thank you sooo very much!!