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InnerSpace Script

Welcome to the InnerSpace! Before I could allow public entry, I had to be certain of not only it's usability, but also it's beauty and attractiveness of form. The process of building the InnerSpace took over 2 weeks even with the help of overly qualified Beta Build Inspectors. I am quite certain you will all enjoy using this facility. :lol:

Anyways, here's what the testers had to say!

one-tough-one [link] :

I think that this script is great as an overlay for specific variation....
I never got anything that I liked using it by itself (but that may have been due to the specific variations that I used or changed)...
I think this is a wonderful overlay script of flames with a repetitive or spherical feel *within the flame*

Examples of his work:

LadyLyonnesse [link] :

The script runs well with tiling, Liz's Bubbles, any of the tubes scripts, some metallica and Mandalas. Occasionally it takes 3 or 4 runs to produce a good flame, but that adds to the fun! I like it, and think that it can probably be used in numerous other sequences which I haven't got around to yet!

Examples of her work:

LadyBlacksword [link]

Disclaimer:I use Apophysis 2.04 z+ beta2.
This script makes:
1.Woven/intersecting patterns
2."Holey" layered patterns
3.Both or either of the above with the inclusion of "bubbles" using the blur variation.
I like to use it in overlay mode, on a random batch flame, then delete several of the linear/spherial transforms to bring out the sharp intersecting shapes, but a lot more that can be done with this script. I -like- minimalist flames, but this script can also make some very complex layered stuff as well. It is limited in the way of all scripts- it only makes a small range of basic shapes. But it's definitely worth taking the time to play with.

Collage of her work (A MUST see):

Oh, and here's what I've made:
© 2007 - 2021 CabinTom
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looking forward to trying it ,thanks!!

thoughtstravelstars's avatar
So...I give you credit and I'm going to test this script out! <3 
Thank you very much for sharing :boogie:
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Thank you so much for providing this great resource. Here is my first go at it.
SquareSoul's avatar
Thanks for sharing this great script ... just had my first play with it :)
AnimeFanGirl-07's avatar
*ish very lame and ignant :( * mmkay i cant open the file 'cause i dunno what program i have to use to open it or do you need one at all?
CabinTom's avatar
It's for a program called Apophysis.
AnimeFanGirl-07's avatar
yea i know that but when i click on it it doesn't open :|
CabinTom's avatar
You'll have to describe exactly what you're doing, so that I can help you out. What exactly are you clicking on?
AnimeFanGirl-07's avatar
*ish dazed* i downloaded it,clicked on it,wont open 'cause i dunno what to open with it 'cause i just dunno.
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Oh OK! Go to "My Computer", open "Program Files", then find you Apophysis folder. Inside the Apophysis folder, find the scripts folder and paste this script there. I hope this helps! (if it doesn't let me know, I'd really like to help you figure it out! :) )
AnimeFanGirl-07's avatar
ummm...the download didn't come with a Apophysis folder :| errk
CabinTom's avatar
Which version of Apophysis did you download?
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Thanks Tom! Can't wait to try this one out! =D
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Thank you very much for this new script. I have trying all your scripts on my to-do-list. This looks very tempting. I am not much experienced in using scripts as I am mainly urged to build something out of a random file or from an empty file but I will definitely try your scripts to learn from them.
CabinTom's avatar
That's pretty much how I get inspiration for most of my scripts; experimentation with new flames or even the randomly generated ones.
baba49's avatar
I haven't a clue how to write a script unfortunately but now that I understand how cubes are made I will happily use your script to start to save time :D I hesitate to use designing scripts if I don't understand how they work, what they do exactly. If they do things I don't know how to make from scratch I'd feel like I was cheating and I couldn't use half of them because I haven't a clue what to enter if they require a number :D When I understand a script and I feel I could also do it without I have no scruples to use it. This probably doesn't make sense to you :D
CabinTom's avatar
Actually, it makes complete sense to me! I don't like using techniques or scripts that I haven't thought of myself before hand. I' very rarely use tutorials, unless it is to convert it into a script for others convenience (for example the Heart script). It kind of feels like cheating if I know I'd never have thought of doing something a certain way without that help.
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Playing with apo is a little like making a puzzle. I like scripts and tutorials to learn from like I appreciate the cover of a puzzle as a helper. I wouldn't be happy with a fractal that just had materialized using someone else's script I need to feel that I had to work for it either by heavy tweaking or building something from scratch using the scripts theme as inspiration. I would never buy a finished puzzle either :D I love the feeling of finding the right puzzle pieces too much :Dnr
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Thx Tom.. beautiful script...
lzrdkng's avatar
Thanks for sharing!!! Looking foward to working with another one of your great scripts!!
MzKitty45601's avatar
It's definitely beautiful. I can't wait to give it a try. :clap: Thanks for sharing. :+fav:
live2b's avatar
Thank you!! Looks great!
theblackline's avatar
umm i keep getting an error:? could it be i have the wrong version of Apo or could it have something to do with the colors i am using
here is a link to a screen shot of my error [link] please help me out if you can
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