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Hey folks!

I am sorry to bring this to you but we will set a deadline to our worldwide shipping.
After May 2019 we will no longer ship outside the EU.
The prices are simply ridiculous, the customs are getting worse and tracking is far too expensive (and packages get lost or damaged).
We always tried to get your purchased stuff to you safe and sound (and most of the time it worked just fine!) but it is unnerving by now.
Plus more and more people get into collecting but also seem to forget the laws. Therefore we can't trust people knowing about their laws and we don't feel comfortable with giving advice on laws which are not the laws of our country. Sorry :(

There will be plenty of stuff available the next weeks so if you are interested in purchasing something do it now.
This whole decision will also affect trades and requests.

If you are interested in getting a few european specimen, we might be able to find for you, ask for them soon.

You might also want to ask "Why May?". Simple: we just had to set a deadline and May seems fitting enough for the whole change to settle.

Best regards,

Lara and Christina
RedPangolin Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019
I totally get it, it's brutal out there! I found out that shipping within Canada is more expensive then when I ship to the states which is ridiculous, and post here is double if you want any sort of tracking.  I'm sad I'll lose my opportunity to buy more from you though!!  
CabinetCuriosities Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
onion sad 
theskullguy Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
lucky for me im inside eu :)
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January 26