Last Secret Santa and change in Shipping
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Published: January 4, 2019
Hey folks!

Sadly 2018 was the last year that we participated in the Taxidermy Secret Santa.
It has various reasons but the declining community and new shipping prices are the main reasons.
We always had so much fun and got so lovely things from you :heart:

Unfortunately the time of shipping something at low cost is over. Since the 1st January of 2019 sending anything within the EU will at least cost 9€. Outside the EU it is 16€.
And this is the basic cost. Today I sent a seriously small skull for 9€ to the Netherlands. The whole package had 200g of weight.

It is absolutely ridiculous.
You can still sent letters and such for the low cost but nothing which is not a document.
I know it has been like this for many people in Australia and America already but it is new to us.

Usually we sent quite a few packages for Secret Santa. But now even sending a feather and a piece of chocolate is 9€ for shipping at least! And getting this stuff to the US is 16€!
But that's nothing I or we can afford in the future anymore.
Sorry :(

So please be aware that buying from us will be more expensive now due to shipping fees.

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JoweaselHobbyist Artist
I had no idea this had come in....I wonder if it's anything to do with the Brits voting to leave the EU? (Brexit)?
I can't find anything in the news about it.
I can see why it's made it prohibitive to send small things. Stupid prices for such light parcels!
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I fear it is just the post service trying to compensate rivalry :(

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I noticed an increase in price this year too but not as much as you ;w; You'd think with the increased demand for posting packages due to Amazon and online purchases the price would go down due to the economy of scale :/

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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I fear they try to add prices to stand rivalry from Asia and such.
Besides people send as much as never before but still the post service increases prices and decreases service.. :(
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I agree, shipping has been brutal!! It takes the fun out of the SS for sure.
On another note, do you guys have any skulls for sale right now? Obviously I would pay the shipping as well.

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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I wanted to sort through mine this evening anyway :) anything you are particulary interested in?

It is a pity :(

Did you get the package btw?
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Top wants right now:
Any reptile - caiman and any lizard
Bear (I can dream)
Bird of prey skull
any bird
Anything really haha. I'm definitely interested in B or bargin skulls too or different things. I don't mind a bit of damage. Especially if it comes at a cheaper price. Why is collecting skills so addicting.

Yes!! I did get your package and am going through all of the stickers right now! Love it so much! Thank you!
Did you get mine?
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ThEpOnDdUcKHobbyist General Artist
maybe we should get a delivery service going, stacking up deliveries and shipping em for 5€ each...
i think that might be an idea, not using the official route
lol that would probably work imma get my car fleet going
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Same here, prices increased a lot. Now it's 12,30 € for a -500gr package within EU...
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
9€ for everything under 500g, without tracking.
15€ if you want tracking :( Even if you just send a quail egg.
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