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Hey folks!
Some of you already know that I am also an illustrator/artist.
I am trying to clear/minimalize my portfolio atm and thus I have some art for sale.

I'd be very happy if you'd drop by and take a look.

Thanks :)
Hey folks!

I am sorry to bring this to you but we will set a deadline to our worldwide shipping.
After May 2019 we will no longer ship outside the EU.
The prices are simply ridiculous, the customs are getting worse and tracking is far too expensive (and packages get lost or damaged).
We always tried to get your purchased stuff to you safe and sound (and most of the time it worked just fine!) but it is unnerving by now.
Plus more and more people get into collecting but also seem to forget the laws. Therefore we can't trust people knowing about their laws and we don't feel comfortable with giving advice on laws which are not the laws of our country. Sorry :(

There will be plenty of stuff available the next weeks so if you are interested in purchasing something do it now.
This whole decision will also affect trades and requests.

If you are interested in getting a few european specimen, we might be able to find for you, ask for them soon.

You might also want to ask "Why May?". Simple: we just had to set a deadline and May seems fitting enough for the whole change to settle.

Best regards,

Lara and Christina
Hey folks!

Sadly 2018 was the last year that we participated in the Taxidermy Secret Santa.
It has various reasons but the declining community and new shipping prices are the main reasons.
We always had so much fun and got so lovely things from you :heart:

Unfortunately the time of shipping something at low cost is over. Since the 1st January of 2019 sending anything within the EU will at least cost 9€. Outside the EU it is 16€.
And this is the basic cost. Today I sent a seriously small skull for 9€ to the Netherlands. The whole package had 200g of weight.

It is absolutely ridiculous.
You can still sent letters and such for the low cost but nothing which is not a document.
I know it has been like this for many people in Australia and America already but it is new to us.

Usually we sent quite a few packages for Secret Santa. But now even sending a feather and a piece of chocolate is 9€ for shipping at least! And getting this stuff to the US is 16€!
But that's nothing I or we can afford in the future anymore.
Sorry :(

So please be aware that buying from us will be more expensive now due to shipping fees.


Taxidermy Secret Santa 2018


  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
I thought about not joining this year but since it is always fun and since I definitely can use some fun right now... here it is ;)
And yes "I" is actually a "WE" since we are two persons running this account :) If you want to send something to both of us it is still the same address.
We open the packages on Christmas together. Just label what is meant for whom! :)

Lara's Wishlist

  1. Vertebraes
  2.  Skulls (hedgehog, shrew, rodents, bats, birds - anything small)
  3. Teeth
  4. Mustelid related (masks, bones, skull fragments - no feet please)
  5. Fish related (scales, jaws, odd bits...)
  6. Stickers related to skulls, nature, oddities, mustelids... I am decorating my wardrobe with them.
  7. Original art (Things I like)
  8. A raven foot/leg (dried)
  9. Chewing stuff for dogs (no bones) my pup is a chewer
  10. Sweets :) Milk Chocolate, liquorice, mints, honey...

Christina's Wishlist

1. Skulls :la:
2. Bird related stuff
3. Original art (things I like)
4. selfmade jewellery
5. carnivore molars
6. colourful and/or shiny feathers (also small ones, I'd like to use them for my art)
7. loose quality tea (just send me a sample of your favourite tea, just make sure to pack it airtight and add details like temperature and brewing time)
8. seal wax
9. sweets from your country
10. and if you have no idea, I always appreciate a cute card sent my way :)

Please note me for my address.
No secret santa fairy this year :(

Hey folks.

I am searching for fish items:

- skulls
- scales (especially gar or arapaima - or anything else which is a bit more solid)
- jaws
- teeth
- and other amazing stuff

Please no:
- raw things
- wet specimen (unless it is a species of eel)

If it is teeth and such I'd like to fill bottles with it so they should be bigger than 10mm.
I can trade against other oddities or buy (depending on the price ofc)

This account is not fully dead.
I just don't have much time or strength at the moment.
Everything just went worse and I am struggling to keep my head up.

Although I am collecting like a madman (and enjoying it, thank god) I can't bring myself to take new proper photos or treat this account and all of you as well as you deserve.
There might be day where I get up in the morning and feel well again. We'll see.

To break free from all the shit I will be gone to Norway soon.
Restoring my battery a bit.

So far:

Hey folks!
I am searching a few skulls to downsize my wishlist :) Tried to pick realistic ones. I'd prefer trading (wet specimen, natural oddities, skulls...) but buying might be an option too (depending on the price).

Here is the list:
Grey fox
Hedgehog FOUND!
Baby fox (with the full set of baby teeth - not changing)
Skunk FOUND! A lovely birthday present <3
Grey Heron
Smooth-Billed Ani
Constrictor Snake (7-10cm, species not important) FOUND!

There are some super ordinary skulls on there and some more unusual. I am looking for good quality skulls.
Location is GERMANY - please keep that in mind. Although I can ship worldwide there are some countries without the freedom to do so.

:star:   Here is a quick summary of shipping-prices and trade-conditions!   :star:

First of all we have to mention that we are three different persons ( Federnarr & Lychnobia & DundalkChild ) who are selling stuff. We are not living in the same town so combined shipping will not always be possible! But... Who are we?

:star:   Here are a few usefull links: :star:

1. Currency Converter
2. Cites List Cites List 2
4. IUCN Red List
5. Skull ID

:star:   F.A.Q's, Sales, Trades, Shipping, Payment and so on...   :star:

1. F.A.Q.'s
2. Sales
3. Policies
4. Shipping
5. Trade List: Lychnobia
6. Trade List: Dundalkchild
7. Trade List: Federnarr
8. Feedback
9. List of Collectors
10. Stock Use Policies

:star:   Thanks for reading!   :star:

Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2]
Everything which can be offered for a trade with Federnarr

Imporant note: Please don't offer me anything without the proper papers!  And feel free to offer me skulls I didn't list here. Maybe I don't even know them!*


- wolverine
- ermine
- least weasel
- honey badger
- binturong
- brown hyena*
- aardwolf
- common seal*
- caracal
- cougar
- coati
- tanuki
- fennec
- cape fox
- maned wolf*

- opossum

- hammer-headed bat

- warthog
- bushpig
- collared peccary
- camel
- llama
- alpaca (adult male)
- muntjac
- siberian muskdeer
- tufted deer
- mouse-deer

- different breed of sheep
- different breed of pig
- different breed of cat (persian, siam, ...)
- different breed of dogs (sighthounds, pug, akita inu, ...)


- different species of hornbill
- different species of barbets (bearded barbet)
- european jay
- crossbill
Hey folks!

I got quite a few questions recently about keeping the collection clean and safe. Beside that I also heard a few stories about natural cleaned stuff, bones found in the forest, dead birds and whatnot - AND I had some very unpleasant experiences myself lately.
Please keep in mind that there is always a connection between your taxidermy collection and the disgusting/fascinating nature of decay. Many bones might be cleaned with hot water or other stuff. But many are not. The safest way to clean skulls is maceration (letting it rot in warm water) or beetles. There is smell, there are bacteria and there are insects. Skull collections are - once clean - very safe. The only problem there are bird beaks and antlers/horns. It is a lot bigger problem with keeping your fur/feather collection or your taxidermied animals clean and safe. Sometime you might think everything is okay and there is nothing to worry... sometimes it is definitely something and if you are not constantly aware of the nature of your collection it might be too late. I am not writing this to worry you. Not at all! In fact it is not that difficult to keep everything clean. There are some obvious steps and some things you might not have known.

When you are a fur/pelt collector your biggest enemies are moths and some kind of bugs. You can prevent damage/invasion by using poison. That's kind of obvious. There is paper against moths, spray for areas you live in against bugs (be careful if you own an aquarium!) and many other things. Sometimes even a piece of soap of lavender works magic. IF there is a case of insect infestation - act fast! You can put pelts in the freezer or in sealed bags with an extra portion of poison. Seperate the infested piece immediately from all the rest. And never - really never! - relay 100% on moth paper or other stuff. Always check your collection frequently. If there is a strange effect of loosing hair there might be a problem with moths/bugs. Another really important point: don't add new stuff immediately to your collection if you can't be 100% sure about them being free of any eggs. Always keep them in quarantine. Even if it comes from a friend there might be an yet unknown infestation. Bugs are sneaky bastards. Be aware.

As mentioned before skulls are usually a really safe thing to collect. You have to be careful with birds (their beaks are delicious from what I heard from bug friends!) and every animal with horns/antlers. There is a different gourmet for any part of edible stuff. If you find skulls in the forest and they seem to be clean... put them in quarantine and NOT to your collection immediately. If you want to be safe put them in bleach for 1-2 days - that'll kill most of the bacteria, a bit of any possible smell and insects. But, as usual, sneaky bastards will find a spot to hide. My llama skull was infected with ants (not dangerous but unnerving) and they survived hidden in a nerve tunnel. Don't rush any collection-junction, you might regret it. If you want to be really sure you should throw the skull in alcohol for a while or wait patiently until you can be sure it is safe to remove it from the quarantine. Even with skulls from other collectors or old collections you can get a trojan horse.

Use spray against insects in advance. Don't wait for them to show up.

Whilst working with dead animals - fresh or not-that-fresh - you have to be aware of all the stuff living there. There are many people I know who work without gloves whilst skinning animals. There is no way I can understand that. Just use gloves. Protect yourself. If not for the blood and other body fluids it is at least working against most of the smell. Don't skin animals in your living room above the carpet. Don't skin animals on your everyday table. Always disinfect your work place, your tools and your hands (even if you wore gloves!). And accept the fact that not every roadkilled animal can be used/safed. Whilst avoiding to waste them is wonderful you should always be aware of your own health. Especially regarding foxes. Just be careful.

I just got to know that maggots can survive in 11.9% bleach over two weeks. They can get everywhere. They are faster than they look and they get bigger than you think. They can hatch weeks after they had the last contact to air. A bone can looks clean but there might be a small amount of eggs. Trust me, I saw more maggots the past few weeks than humans. Be careful with any fish bones you find outside. They are porous and maggots can survive INSIDE the bone. That's not funny. There was a "clean" jaw from a fish I've thrown into bleach. After two weeks there were like 80-90 LIVING maggots in the glass. Now the jaw sits in alcohol and I still see them moving inside the bone. You can imagine my happiness about that. Really thrilling.

If there is something else I can think of I will add it. If you have questions, just ask. For now I am going to put on my hunting gear and kill some maggots. Again.
The first main point: Every picture in our gallery can be used as stock! We want to provide references for art AND science.


1. No commercial use! We do not allow you to use one of our references in art you are planning to sell. Sorry! *
2. You have to link us beneath your work. It has to be possible to find us easily as the source of the reference.
3. You are NOT allowed to reupload our stock photography anywhere else! Your art, however, can be uploaded of course.
4. Our stocks are free but they are also our property. Please respect that.

* You can always ask us about it. We might allow exceptions.

We can offer free stock as long as our rules are followed. If you ever see images of our work somewhere else than DeviantArt (or blogs with our name in it), please inform us as soon as you can. Thank you :)
Here is a list of taxidermy collectors/taxidermist here on DA. Search for your country to see if there is anyone. If you want to be part of this list: Comment or note us. Just because someone is on this list does not mean we already dealt with him/her.

If you want to be removed from this list just note us!


LittleDovahElf - pelt+skull collector/softmounts
BlakKatKreations - collector/taxidermist
FancyFoxTaxidermy - collector
DustyVixen - collector/skeleton assembling
cravingotters - collector
LuxTaxidermy - collector/beginner taxidermist
nekuroSilver - collector
Unarla - collector
Cassandra-Leopardess - collector/crafter/taxidermist
coyotecreekartistry - collector/taxidermist
JunkYardRabbit - skull collector

Minskin - pelt + skull collector

Myskullcabinet - pelt+skull collector
syltje - skull collector

Cappies - collector/crafter
Nini-minou - pelt+skull collector/crafter
midelaye - pelt+skull collector
ocha-inu - pelt+skull collector
bonus41 - collector/softmounts
Dydelik - collector
The-Beautiful-Dead - collector
Sabaku-No-Kaze - collector/beginner taxidermist
WylderTaxidermy - taxidermist/fur dealer/collector
NL-Lynx - collector

mroldharry - skull collector

C Z E C H   R E P U B L I C
Kirin-Hunter - collector/crafter
macroeyed - collector
Commonerka feather and bird part collector

CanisAlbus - collector

Pikku-Piru - skull collector

Tayna-Skull - pelt+skull collector [Sachsen]
PrinceThallas-02 - collector
GuardianOfTheRose - collector/crafter
Nimgaraf - collector
sivesco - collector
Fuchstod - collector
Grimae - collector
Braveheart-Taxidermy - collector/crafter
stille-spur - shell collector
FarkasWoelfin - collector
Federnarr - collector

Jewel-Wing - collector
Werething - collector

gojoabbestia - skull collector

Keibetsuo - pelt+skull collector [Noord-Brabant]
HippiUnicorn - bird taxidermist
Lot1rthylacine - collector/crafter
Foxydermy - collector
Maquenda - collector [Drenthe]
shinigami-taxidermy - collector/beginner taxidermist
Featheroes - bird collector

overcastsea - collector
LoniReve - bone collector
heroined - skull/wet specimen collector

CheeTaxi - collector

TichodromaMuraria - bird collector/taxidermist
BluesOfTheFeather - feather collector

xXKitsune - bone/pelt collector

Tirramirr - collector [Stockholm]
BheanBas - collector

Psydrache - collector

U N I T E D   K I N G D O M
Drakyris - pelt collector/crafter
hrokr-stories - collector/crafter
Monopolymurder - collector
Nutbuckets - collector
Zoodermy - pelt+skull collector
WoozyMutt - collector
PricklePaws - collector
MorbidCrowkiller - collector

U N I T E D   S T A T E S
Antlertine - collector
BluesCuriosities - collector/skeleton assembling
TheDarkWolf117 - pelt+skull collector
KV-Arts - collector
M-Lee08 - collector
WolfForce58205 - collector
Koeskull - collector
MattsyKun - collector
AlmostAustralian - collector
Sharpe19 - pelt+skull collector
YukiChana - collector
leotines - collector
LaughingDeathRabbit - collector
FiannaTaxidermy - collector
TabbyFoxTaxidermy - collector/mounter
CorbieLaughter - collector
WhiteCrow-Art - taxidermist/skull collector [Texas/New Mexico]
NightsGem - collector
CaptainSaviathan - tanner/skinner [Florida]
Howling-Tanuki - collector [Oregon]
Saceronsage - collector/headdresses [West Virginia]
SkinnedFawxTaxidermy - taxidermy/collector [South Carolina]
JaggedBobcatBones - collector
BlackDodgeDragon - collector
lupagreenwolf - collector/artist [Oregon]
PrimusGod - collector
Clockwork--Crow - Tanner/Collector/Novice Taxidermist [Mississippi]
Pholcidae - collector [Illinois]
ForestWanderers - collector/crafter
Shinkei-Shinto - collector
ItsProbablyMars - taxidermist/collector [New York]
Muddy-Coyote - collector/taxidermist [Pennsylvania]
beruruSTAR - collector (pelts) [South Carolina]
Kitsune18 - collector
FenrisMau - collector
KV-Arts - skull collector
Bits-an-Bones - skull + pelt collector
dimondshard - collector
timekept - collector
Gesp56 - skull/insect collector
DominoTwist - mounts/skulls/pelts collector [NY]
Lupen202 - collector
Hey folks!

We just finished the first step of cleaning the ram skulls/heads.
Well, no photo-tutorial was made since it was DISGUSTING.

The heads itself were simply cut off the body without any further treatment. So all of them were in different states of decay. All had mummified parts, a lot of fat and a mixture of mucous tissue. And everywhere... maggot party. The overall coloration was... grey, green, brown. You can imagine. Luckily the skulls are all intact and we are pretty sure that they will turn out great. But for now...

I am tiping this journal after a long, long shower with all the flavoursome shower gel I was able to find. Some of you might think that the smell was the worst part. It was not. To be honest... after a few minutes we were barely noticing.
Every cut we made revealed more of the moving, white chunk of maggots. Christina really hates maggots and Lara simply hates every kind of moving insect chunk. The first minutes were horror. But after the first skull we started our usual approach.
We were talking, giving the maggots names... you know that. After the second skull I started to sing my selfmade, spontaneous songs about what we are doing right now and how disgusting it is. No joke. I really sing while skinning. And the more digusting the work the more creative the songs. As a side note: I am the worst singer you can imagine. But it is still fun and whilst laughing about stupid songs you can easily ignore the decayed heads you are working with.

So... in which state are the heads now? Currently every bit of flesh (dried or slimey) we were able to remove is removed. They are now resting in a shed until we can work with them further.

That's all for now. I will go to bed now.
And if I have to dream of maggots, please let them sing and teeter to the musik :D

Good night!

~ Lara

Excaliburfaceplz (fixed) :bademoticon:
This is a journal for you to give us feedback. Many people bought from us and many are thinking about it. Just to give them a quick overview about our service. Please be so kind and leave at least a short sentence about what you liked or disliked, how long it took to you and if you'd call us 'positive', 'neutral' or 'negative' sellers. You don't have to tell others what you bought if you don't want to. Follow the stars below to see why we may have gotten a negative feedback!
What is your opinion?

We will count our 'points' and show them below:

Positive: 59

Neutral: 2 *

Negative: 1 **

* Why?

- item was not what was expected
- long shipping time

** Why?

- problems with postage / problems with communication (both ends) - (though we provided an excuse package for free)
You have a question about us/our collection/work? Just ask :) We'll try to answer!

:bulletblue:   You just bought it a few days ago! Why do you sell it again?!   :bulletblue:

So, first at all: We are not buying for selling it again in general. We are buying because we are interested and curious. For example the roan antelope:
I don't know how the pelt feels and I don't know the structure AND I've never seen such a pelt before. What do I do? I buy it. When I get it I touch it roll myself over it (haha, joking) and then I decide wether I keep it or not. Most of the things are too big to keep or we just have too much stuff already - so we are selling it again :)

:bulletblue:   How did the animals you sell die?   :bulletblue:

When we 'produce' them ourselves they were roadkills or frozen food for reptiles. We do not hunt and we do not kill.
The stuff we buy: We don't always know where it came from because we are often the third or fourth owner.

:bulletblue:   Can we get a tracking number?   :bulletblue:

Please visit our policies!

:bulletblue:   If you skin an animal doesn't it bleed like hell?   :bulletblue:

Since we are not skinning with an axe: no :) We are working pretty careful and if you don't hurt the flesh it will be quite clean.

:bulletblue:   Can you reserve something for me?   :bulletblue:

Please visit our policies!

:bulletblue:  Some of the photographs in your gallery are listed as stock for their category; does this mean artists can use them for reference/stocks for manipulations?  :bulletblue:

Yes! Please do that :) As long as you don't use anything for commercial purpose we are fine with it! And please make sure that you link us as the source of reference. We also like to see the result :)
Everything which can be offered for a trade with Lychnobia.
(Or in general - even without trading)

Imporant note: Please don't offer me anything without the proper papers! Replicas are fine as long as they have a good quality.  And feel free to offer me skulls I didn't list here. Maybe I don't even know them! ;)


- different dogs (bullterrier / irish wolfhound / great dane / borzoi / st. bernard / pug / cavalier king charles spaniel / chihuahua / english bulldog / neapolitan mastiff / boston terrier / chow chow / dogue de bordeaux / cane corso / bullmastiff / tosa / shar pei / corgi / collie  & others)
- juvenile red fox (aka "baby")
- fennec
- maned wolf*
- dhole*
black backed jackal
- african hunting dog*

- different cats (sphinx / maine coon and other interesting shapes!)
- lynx
- spotted hyena (female)
- striped hyena
- lion
- serval*
- clouded leopard*
- leopard*
- jaguar*

- capybara
- wallaby
- red kangaroo
- western ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus occidentalis)
- quenda (Isoodon obesulus nauticus)
- woylie (Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi)
- brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa wambenger)
- wombat*
- sloth*
- pygmy hyppopotamus*

- bandicoot (long nosed)
- grey musk shrew
- nine-banded armadillo
- moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura)
- giant tenrec
- giant otter shrew (Potamogale velox)
- short-eared elephant shrew (Macroscelides proboscideus)
- Golden-rumped elephant shrew (Rhynchocyon chrysopygius)
- screaming hairy armadillo
- cape golden mole

- quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus)
- genet
- adult coati (with neat fangs)
- adult meerkat
- mandrill*
- hog-nosed skunk
- kinkajou*
- binturong*
- fossa*
- tasmanian devil*
- koala*
- echidna*
- aardvark*
- MUSTELIDS: tayra, hog badger, sea otter*, stink badger, ferret-badger, japanese badger, asian badger, grison, marbled polecat, african striped weasel, striped polecat, giant otter*,  amazon weasel - and more!
- white-lined broad-nosed bat
- spectrum bat
- greater bulldog bat
- naked bulldog bad (Cheiromeles torquatus)

- camel
- blackbuck (male)
- different pigs (peccary / bushpig / wild boar)
- different sheep (Najdi / Blue Faced Leicester / Kajli /Jezersko–Solčava / Mundra and more)
- beetal goat
- babirusa*
- elk/waipiti (female)
- common duiker
- gerenuk
- markhor
- very big ram (horns have to be at least curled 1 time fully)
- kladruber
- miniature horse
- dwarf goat
- female moose (perfect and complete)
- caribou (without antlers)
- four-hourned antelope
- giraffe
- okapi*
- tapir*

- sea lion*
- northern fur seal*
- gray seal*
- harbour seal*
- ringed seal*
- leopard seal* (HAHA. Yes. Really.)
- bear (big is beautiful)
- harbour porpoise*


- wreathed hornbill (or any kind of hornbill)
- toucan
- marabou
- magellanic penguin
- common raven*
- griffon vulture*
- Lappet-Faced Vulture*
- shoebill*
- scarlet ibis*
turkey vulture
- magpie
- carrion crow
- hummingbird
- grey go-away-bird
- smooth billed ani
- Audouin's Gull (Larus audouinii)
- Ashy-headed Goose (Chloephaga poliocephala)
- Coots (Fulica ardesiaca & Fulica atra)
- Woodchat shrike (Lanius senator)
- Southern Grey Shrike (Lanius meredionalis)
- Eurasian black vulture
- boat-billed heron
- white stork
- sacred ibis
-Razor-billed Curassow
- wandering albatros
- great skua
- chinstrap penguin
- jackass penguin
- macaroni penguin
- hoatzin

R E P T I L E S  &  A M P H I B I A N S
- a snake skull (constrictor snake)
- gila monster*
- green iguana
- dwarf caiman alligator*
- saltwater crocodile*
- american crocodile*

- dwarf crocodile*
- broud-snouted caiman*
- komodo dragon*
- jackson's chameleon
- armadullo girdled lizard
Armadillo girdled lizard


- pacu (fish)
- wolf eel (fish)
- moray eel
- payara (fish)
- tuatara
- longnose gar
- goliath tigerfish
- lungfish
- Anjoemara (Hoplias aimara)
- Sheephead fish
- Cubera snapper
- bowfin
- red wolffish (Erythrinus erythrinus)
* It is very important that one thing is pretty clear: I honestly don't expect to get most of the skulls someday. This list is not only for trading but also for me to keep track of my "skull desires". Please...NEVER offer me a skull without the needed papers. As much as I'd love to have some off my list and in my cabinets: I won't go for illegal skulls. Most of my wishes are unrealistic - and that's fine. Others are not and I will fullfill them someday. And I am aware of the value coming with certain skulls :) All the skulls combined of the list, brought together in one room, are my dream collection. I am also looking for high quality replicas.

- vampire bat
- genet
- domestic cat

I love shells.
Note me.

Other things:
- neat teeth and claws
- Precis rhamada (framed)
- blackbuck horn
- kudu horn
- spinosaurus tooth
- megalodon tooth
- basilosaurus tooth
- a squid beak
- a horse vertebrae
- a skinned moose leg (dried so that I can rehydrate and sew it properly :) )
- a fullybody genet mount
You can always offer me stuff from sheeps, mustelidae, strange stuff, nice wings, claws/teeth...
Wet Specimen:
- tiny frog
- tiny lizard
- snakes
- weasel fetus (or another mustelidae!)
Please don't offer me anything with a really strong smell. I am pretty sensitive regarding smell ;)
Everything which can be offered for a trade or for sale for DundalkChild

:jsenn: S K U L L S :jsenn:
- camel skull
- bullterrier skull
- tapir skull
- babirusa skull
- red kangaroo skull
- male waterdeer skull
- shoebill skull
- polar bear skull

I'm pretty picky with skulls, I want them as complete and perfect as possible. I'm willed to spend quite a sum for them. Please be aware that I need the required papers for some of them.

:jsenn: M O U N T S :jsenn:
- birds in general
- cardinal
- white animals
- turacos

:jsenn: M I S C   S T U F F :jsenn:
- snow owl feet (with CITES)
- wings (swan, kingfisher, cardinal, etc. - white, black, red or just colorful!)
- kudu horns

I love white animals, so in case you have anything white-ish, just note me :)
Here are our policies about payment, shipping and solving problems!

:star:   Payment:   :star:

We both accept paypal!
If you are from germany we are accepting bank transfer of course!

:star:   Deferred Payment & Payment Plan   :star:

We do deffered payment of course but we don't accept that under 50€. And if we make a payment plan with you... keep in mind that we have to pay paypal fees at least twice. We can't ask you to pay the paypal fees of course but if you ask for a payment plan you could maybe take the paypal fees or send some extra money to cover them. You don't have to but it would be nice.
With deffered payment you have to pay half the money as a cash down. And if you don't pay the rest you won't get the cash down back.

:star:  Responsibility of sent Packages   :star:

Once the package is sent we have no responsibility anymore. You can always pay for a tracking number but keep in mind that it is more expensive. You have to ask us for that shipping method otherwise the package will be sent as usual without a tracking number. If it is lost or damaged during shipping it is not our fault and we will not answer/pay for that.

:star:   Getting money back  :star:

We are private collectors and if a package is lost we can't give you the money back. And just asking it back from paypal is a NO GO. We usually provide another package or something to cover your loss. But keep in mind that we also loose. And we don't have any money to throw away. We are no official shop and we can't repay you. We paid for the item, you paid. We both lost it. And although we don't have to we offer another package with either the same item or another item from same value. Please keep in mind that is no implicitness but service from us. Some already took that as a duck takes to water.

:star:   Laws   :star:

We know our laws but we are not responsible for our customers. If you buy something from us be sure you are allowed to recieve it. We can't know every law in the world concerning animal parts so we'd rather not say anything about it to prevent giving any sort of wrong advice. So... make sure to know YOUR laws!

:star:   Reservation   :star:

Please don't let us reserve something for you and then simply don't pay without an answer. And we are really tired of being put off. We won't chew your head off if you tell us that it didn't work as planned and that you can't pay for it. Tell us in time and everything will be fine. And if something is reserved for you: PAY FOR IT. Don't do hundreds of things (vacation, buy other things, etc.) and then tell us: "Oh sorry, I don't have money!". With a reservation you basically owe us money. And eventhough we can understand that life can be troublesome and quite an asshole... there is a point where it just starts to be absurd. We know that things happen unexpected sometimes and we can totally relate to that - just tell us what's up. If not... read below.

:star:  Bad Customers   :star:

Yes, they exist. And we had them several times. There are differences though. Some are just not easy to deal with but not a general pain in the ass. We have some people we won't reserve anything for, some people we won't trade with anymore, some who are not allowed to buy from us anymore and even a few people reached the blacklist. It is always a pity and we try not to do that. We always try to be the best sellers we can be and just because you will probably never meet us doesn't mean you can act like however you want to. Be polite, be honest and be reliable. In that case we can be friends. If you are not able to act mature and be a honest person please avoid trying to buy something from us. We are tired of that behaviour, and I guess many people are.

:star:   Any questions left?   :star:

Note us!
:email:   Where do we ship to?   :email:

Nearly everywhere. You have to check the laws of your country.

:email:   Prices?   :email:

Shipping worldwide:

Up to 500g: 4€
Up to 1000g: 7€
Up to 2000g: 17€

:email:   How long do it take to arrive?   :email:

If you recieve your package PLEASE let us know, so that we can add the time here!

Israel: about two weeks
Germany: about two days
Finland: about 4 days to a week

:email:   Any questions left?   :email:

Note us! We'll answer :)