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Indian Python Skull FOR SALE
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Published: February 25, 2018
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I decided to sell my indian python skull. It is fixed in a display case on a stand. The base is covered with real snake skin.
It has a lovely size.

I ask 60€.
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Feb 25, 2018, 11:15:34 PM
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gears-and-bonesHobbyist General Artist
Is this skull still available?
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
Nope, sorry. Wurde direkt nach ein paar Minuten verkauft.
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JoweaselHobbyist Artist
Wicked looking skull!
In both senses of the word!
CabinetCuriosities's avatar
CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
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i want it how big is it?
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Cyansky95Hobbyist General Artist
The back of the skull is very interesting and pointy.
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FirethroatHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is amazing! Looks like a dragon skull! <3
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AbsentCinnamonHobbyist Digital Artist
Scary cool
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Oml...... IT HAS TEETH???
Hatre-Keddah's avatar
Hatre-KeddahHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. And they are nasty if you are it's pray, as they as hooks or anchors, preventing it's jaws from silping of the pray.
waredragon11's avatar
Thank god im getting a banana boa.... or is that a bad idea...
Asralore's avatar
i's not a bad idea, they make lovely pets. But they do require very specific care, like most snakes. You should do a lot of research from as many sources as possible before you get one! I hope this helps ^^
waredragon11's avatar
somebody alredy offered to get a beginner snake because i never actuly took care of a snake....
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XenoraptorsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I recommend getting a ball python small docile boa. So tame that tribal shamans and leaders would wear live ones like jewelry (although there will be that one that's a jerk) kinda like dogs.... some are jerks but most are nice
waredragon11's avatar
But that doesn’t answer my question... is getting a banana boa a bad idea...
Xenoraptors's avatar
XenoraptorsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I suppose if you have experience and are prepared to take care of such an animal/ have proper care then it should be fine
waredragon11's avatar
My cousin had a snake named snakey that got out one day and was never seen again...
theskullguy's avatar
do you have a proper (scientific ) name for banana boa  becaues that isnt a real (official) name
if your cousin lost his snake then he didnt look good enough because usually they dont wander off far

every snake can bite ofocurse (so can hamsters dogs vcat horses etc)
 so it all depends on how you handle them  i got a reticulated python from a friend that he could  not touch or get near to  (she strikes at the door every time i get close he said)  she is now at my place for already a couple of months  she never bit me she never even striked  she as just as sweet as a puppy :)

so it doesnt only depend on a species or an individual animal  the most important factor is the keeper
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Hatre-KeddahHobbyist Traditional Artist
Maby you can try getting some smaller species. Common boa grow from 1,5 m to 2,5m while BCC above 2m.
Rosy boa and corn snake are smaller. Milk snakes are beautiful.
Hatre-Keddah's avatar
Hatre-KeddahHobbyist Traditional Artist
Technically every snake can bite when it's annoyed, scared or being fed in wrong way. Chose the calm species that prefers to run, not bite.
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So banana boa is a bad idea?
Hatre-Keddah's avatar
Hatre-KeddahHobbyist Traditional Artist
Depends. Constricting species usually have muscled bodies. Bigger snake - more muscles - more strenght. Needs more space. And more food.
If you are begginer, it's better to get smaller, more durable to your mistakes, 'easy in use' snake. Popular 'for begginers' snakes are Corn snakes :… or Mik snakes:…
Both species together :D -…
waredragon11's avatar
I’m thinking on getting one of those... and im gonna name it after a character depending on what it looks like.
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GloomShroomHobbyist General Artist
That looks wicked
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