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Comparison: Mystery Cat vs. Domestic Cat
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Published: September 14, 2017
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The mystery cat (8cm x 5,8cm) vs. a domestic cat (9,7cm x 6,5cm)

Any idea?
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ArrillagaHobbyist Artist
This is sort of a late reply to this post- but I think it may be a pallas cat?…

Or a Gordon's Wildcat, but I can't pull up too many pictures of them.. This is the best I could find…

I don't think it is a domestic cat because of how round the eye sockets are, however the shape of them do suggest some sort of persian cat, maybe a mix? I think its nose is far too long to be a purebred persian, but some features make me think of them
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I own 6 adult domestic cat skulls at the moment.

Their lenghts are between 7.8-10.3 centimeters.
Their widths between 5.5-6.5 centimeters.

(I think 9.7 centimeters for a cat is still pretty large.)

Apart from the size, I think it's the shape that makes the mystery cat the mystery cat. Most domestic cats skulls (from the side) are more rectangular shaped, this one seems more like a square.

Did you try this trick (I know it's not waterproof, but worth a try):
If the jaw keeps standing like this, the chance that it's a wild cat is bigger. If it keeps falling, the chance that it's a domestic cat is bigger. 
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I just tried it and it stands perfectly.
All my domestic cats are falling.

I guess it is a bit deformed so it won't fit anywhere perfectly.
But I am dying to know the real species :(

The skull Lot showed me seems fitting.
Maybe it is just a deformed asian leopard cat.
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One of my domestic cats doesn't fall (from the photo), so it won't work all the time.

Must be really frustating not to know :/
I see some clear similarities to your skull and hers (especially the front view), but again her skull is longer in shape, yours is more squared. 
If it turns out to be some kind of Asian leopard cat, would it still be legal for you to own?

I think it's really an interesting skull you have there :P
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
It is since it is over 50 years old.
But I'd like to know for sure.

No matter what species it is - there is some deformation.
I guess the chance to ID it will meet a dead end :(

And I am not going to pay for a professional test ^^
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a that's nice :)

It's hard to find good references of all cat breeds/species

Maybe one day you will find out :) In the end it's still a nice skull in my opinion 
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
Yes. Definitely. I really like it eventhough I can't be sure about the species.

If I ever get the chance I will definitely work on reference material for cat skulls (breed and species wise).
It sucks to not have any chance.
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That really would be great.
I've got a persian cat skull (I think the shape isn't too extreme for a persian cat, I've seen way worse skulls)

A Russian Blue: this one is in a bad condition. It was my mother's cat, it died in a car crash, the skull fell into 4 big pieces and a lot of splinters. It was burried near a tree, so the roots damaged the skull even more. 
Because of this, it is hard to tell the difference of the breed, but I think the jaw looks completely different from a European Shorthair: The coronoid process (?) of the Russian Blue (below) is longer and different in shape the the coronoid process of the European Shorthair (up)

I think most of my cat skulls are European Shorthairs, but I will never know for sure I think, I can't find enough references. The bigger cat skull, I showed you once 10,5 centimers long, is probably some other breed, but that will stay a mystery as well.

I would really appreciate a cat breed/species reference material :) You can find a lot of information about dog skulls, information on cat skulls is harder to find.
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
The weird, boxy shape at the muzzle makes it look a bit like a jaguarundi. 
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Lot1rthylacineHobbyist Traditional Artist
:) Asian Leopard cat skull by Lot1rthylacine    mine seems more delicate, but this species has about 12 subspecies, and there's some cranial differences.
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Lot1rthylacineHobbyist Traditional Artist
I will post pictures of my Asian leopard cat tomorrow so you can compare them ;)
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nekonotaishouProfessional Filmographer
small domestic cat?

smaller wild cat?
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ExifiaHobbyist General Artist
This is a hard skull to identify. I have placed it in a Dutch Facebook group that indentifies animals and plants. Maybe someone there has something useful to say.
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What is the group called? I would like to join :P
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ExifiaHobbyist General Artist
"Determinatie van planten en dieren" :)
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Duidelijk :) was ergens wel te verwachten :')
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ExifiaHobbyist General Artist
Het is een leuke pagina, ik vind het een aanrader.
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Ja, net verzoek aangevraagd. Ik zit in heel veel groepen met determinatie van haaientanden, fossielen, botten, schedels, vuusteen, aardewerk etc.etc., maar planten vind ik ook wel leuk en interesant, ook beetje voor mijn studie en algemene kennis :)
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ExifiaHobbyist General Artist
Ontzettend leuk! En ja, je leert veel van zulke groepen als je telkens vanalles voorbij ziet komen :D
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ExifiaHobbyist General Artist
Haha ja :giggle:
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My best guess is it's a domestic cat that had a cranial and facial deformity OR perhaps maybe (and this is a big maybe) a Sand Cat --… However the bridge is too long and that cranial dome is too pronounced so that's an unlikely choice. However, that's he only skull I could find on a wild felid that was that small. 

My vote is a domestic shorthair (or long) with a slightly deformed skull :thumbsup: Probably not one of the Brachycephalic breeds (Persian, Exotic shorthair, etc) but just a cat that was born with a defect. 
Very interesting to look at and a unique little prize for sure!
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I have a deformed cat skull :)
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They're interesting, no?
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